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Short term rentals in Toronto
Find the Best Short Term Rental Bachelor Apartments in Downtown Toronto

Find the Best Short Term Rental Bachelor Apartments in Downtown Toronto

Looking for a bachelor apartment Toronto? Then read this article till the end to find some of the best options available in the city.

Are you traveling alone to Toronto for business? You don’t have any idea how long you are going to stay? Or maybe you’ve just admitted to UofT for a summer course and need a place to stay in downtown. In any case, to handle your expenses, staying in a bachelor apartment in Toronto might be the best choice for you when it comes to accommodation.

bachelor apartment Toronto

Let’s first learn about these types of accommodations and then navigate through some of the best bachelor apartment in Toronto.

What Is a Bachelor Apartment?

A bachelor or studio apartment is a space containing a bedroom, living room, a kitchenette all in one place. The only private area is the bathroom. Bachelor apartments are usually small in size (250 to 600 sq. f), which makes them more affordable and a perfect choice for students. Also, they can be an excellent place to live for those who just decided to be independent or don’t want to share a home with roommates.

If you have a small budget, you can take a look at Room for Rent in Toronto at $300, Rent a Room in Downtown Toronto at $400, and  Room in Downtown Toronto at $500.

Parts of a bachelor Apartment Toronto

As mentioned, most of the bachelor apartments have similar elements: a single room that is connected to a cozy living room. Based on the size of the place, it might have a complete kitchen or a kitchenette. In some cases, the kitchen area is separated with partitions for more convenience.

bachelor apartment Toronto

But of course, in all bachelor condos, bathrooms are entirely separated from the other places. As bachelors are usually small in size, their bathrooms are relatively small too. Don’t expect a spacious bathroom with a bathtub and other stuff in a bachelor condo. ¬†

Bachelor Apartment Toronto

Toronto is a lively city. If you are going to stay in Toronto alone and temporally, say for a month, your best choices would be bachelor apartments. Luckily, many units in downtown Toronto can be a perfect match for you. In the following, we’re going to show you some of the top studios to rent in this part of the city.

Note: If you want to save more, even more, you better rent a bachelor apartment in Toronto, which is completely furnished. Luckily, all the condos that we’re going to introduce are furnished in the best way, using stylish and modern furniture.

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1- High Rise Studio Apartment Downtown Toronto

Located at 70 Temperance Street, this bachelor apartment in Toronto gives you easy access to some of the best Toronto’s shopping complexes in the downtown such as Eaton Center. As you are in the Financial District, you can take a walk and try some of the best restaurants in this area.  

This cozy condo is located on the 44th floor; so, you will love to gaze at the city lights from your lovely balcony. Also, staying in a bachelor apartment like this is much better than staying in expensive hotels as it has all the similar facilities at a much lower price. You will feel like home in this place, while you are away from home.

If you want to learn more about this luxury condo and see if it is available for rental, visit High Rise Studio Apartment Downtown Toronto | Short Term Rentals.

2- Hotel Style Condo: Furnished and Affordable Short Term Rental

This hotel-style bachelor apartment in Toronto is also located in the beautiful Temperance Street. This means you only have to walk for five minutes to get to Nathan Phillips Square, the most iconic square in Canada.   

short term rentals Toronto

Staying in this building and be on the 50th floor gives you a breath-taking view of the city. While you are in downtown Toronto, you can take a tour and find the best coffees! Moreover, from here, you can visit Dundas SquareRogers centerCN Tower, and numerous shopping complexes.

Here are some of the amenities in this bachelor apartment: a dining table, a coffee maker, an iron and its board, a hair drier, and a kettle for the tea lovers. If you find this place interesting, you can read more about this unit at Hotel Style Condo by Hilton Hotel – Furnished and Affordable Short Term Rental and contact us for a short term rental.

3- Stylish High Rise Studio

How about a fantastic view of Toronto Lake? This modern bachelor apartment in Toronto is located in the Entertainment District, which is one of the best neighborhoods in the city. From the 34th floor, you can enjoy watching the lake and CN Tower.

This spacious bachelor is located near Union Station, which means you can easily travel to any destination you desire. Also, don’t forget that the PATH is just a walking distance away. To rent this beautiful unit at 8 York Street, visit Stylish High Rise Studio – CN Tower View by Lake.

Conclusion on Bachelor Apartment Toronto

As the demands are high for this type of accommodation, it is not that difficult to find a bachelor apartment in Toronto. But when you use online short rental websites such as Craigslist, you need to make sure that you arrange a fair deal. With Tirbnb, rest assured that you have the best deal. Anyway, it is best to read the Ontario standard lease carefully.

Also, don’t worry if you didn’t find bachelor apartments suitable for you, take a look at these Best Short Term Rentals in Toronto, and you will find your match.

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