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Staying at 70 Temperance Street? Here is What You Should Know

Staying at 70 Temperance Street? Here is What You Should Know

Located in the Financial District and between some of the best streets make 70 Temperance Street one of the best places to stay in Toronto. Temperance Street is about 150 meters long. It is bounded by Bay Street to the East and Shepard Street to the West. Also, it is located between Adelaide Street West and Richmond Street West.

If you have decided to stay in this street in the heart of Toronto, this article can help you to know the area better. So, stay tight and read this.

70 Temperance Street

Why Stay in the Financial District?

It is the most compactly constructed area of Toronto. Many corporate headquarters, banking companies, high-powered law and accounting firms, stockbrokers, and insurance companies are in this part of the city.

On the other hand, the existence of many choice-makers has brought marketing companies and advertising agencies next to each other. The banks have built huge office buildings and many of them rent them to these businesses.

The structure of underground walking paths, known as PATH, links between bank towers. This part has many retail shops that make the place one of Toronto’s most important shopping areas. You can access some of these shops only on weekdays during the business time when the financial district is inhabited.

Where to Stay at 70 Temperance Street?

70 Temperance Street might be the best choice if you want to stay in this area. Luckily, Tirbnb offers some of the best furnished condos at this location. Here is a list of Tirbnb properties at 0 Temperance Street:

Where to Eat near 70 Temperance Street?

Luckily, as you are in the heart of the financial district, you have many choices when it comes to places to eat.

1- SweetLulu

If you are staying at 70 Temperance Street, you can get to this Asian restaurant in less than one minute! Just step outside the building and you will find SweetLulu off Bay Street, one block north of Adelaide St. The entrance is on Temperance St., west of Bay.

70 Temperance Street

You can try Hot Edamame, Cold Edamame, Chicken Satay, and many other options as starters. Also, you can design your dish online and add any flavor, herbs, or other options to your meal. This restaurant is open from Monday to Friday, 11:00 am – 9:00 pm.

2- John & Sons Oyster House

Are you in love with seafood? Then John & Sons Oyster House is definitely suitable for you! Located at 56 Temperance Steet, this oyster bar is only one minute away!

Some of the delicious items on this oyster bar include NEW ENGLAND CLAM CHOWDER, TUNA TARTARE, and OCTOPUS as appetizers, LOBSTER ROLL, and TACOS as sandwiches, CRISPY FISH AND CHIPS, SCALLOP RISOTTO, and TURBOT as main dishes. You can also see other items on the menu and make a reservation online. Don’t forget to try the restaurant’s fine wines as well.

Moreover, If you liked the place, you can even create a gift card for your friends and invite them to have a great meal at this restaurant. John & Sons Oyster House is open from Monday to Wednesday ( 11:30 am to 10:00 pm), Thursday and Friday ( 11:30 am to 11:00 pm), Saturday (5 pm-10 pm), and it is closed on Sunday and holidays!

70 Temperance Street

3- The Chase

Imagine having a nice dinner in a historic building which is also a rooftop restaurant. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, you can have this amazing experience in The Chase Restaurant. This upscale and unique restaurant is located at 10 Temperance St, which can be reached only within five minutes of walking from 70 Temperance Street.

70 Temperance Street

You can enjoy CELERIAC, CARBONARA, TOURTIÈRE, SCALLOPS, PEARL PLATTER (raw), DIAMOND PLATTER (raw), and many other delicious items in this luxury restaurant.

Times of Operation in this restaurant are from Monday – Friday (11:30 am – 11:00 pm), Saturday (5 pm – 12 am), and it is closed on Sunday. Also, this restaurant is a perfect place for private events.


This is an amazing place for vegans! As the name indicates, PLANTA is a restaurant that only serves innovative plant-based food. For now, this brand has four branches in Toronto and Miami. You can find PLANTA Burger at 4 Temperance Street. If you stay at 70 Temperance Street, you only have to walk about five minutes to get to this place.

70 Temperance Street

This vegan restaurant works Monday through Saturdays (11:30 am to 9:00 pm), and it is closed on Sundays. You can order your food as they are on Uber EatsFoodora and also available for pick-up on Ritual.

5- Sud Forno

Finally, if you are in love with Italian cuisine, you are going to love this restaurant. Sud Forno is located at 132 Yonge Steet. To reach this place, you only have to walk around 6 minutes.

The menu includes 5 items: COLAZIONE (breakfast), LA MENSA (main floor), LUNCH BOXES, OSTERIA DA GEPPETTO, and SUNDAY BRUNCH. You can also make a reservation for events.

70 Temperance Street

Public Transportation near 70 Temperance Street

Sometimes using public transportation is much easier than private cars, especially when you are staying in the bustling financial districts.

Subway Stations near 70 Temperance Street

You can reach Queen Subway Station at the intersection of Bay Street and Yonge Street in less than five minutes. The other nearby subway station is King, which is located at the junction of King Street and Yonge Street. A 6-minute walk will take you to this station.

If you take another 6 minutes of walking toward the west, you will find Osgoode Subway Station at Queen Street and University Ave and St. Andrew Stations at King Street and University Ave.

Bus Stations

University Ave At Adelaide St West North Side, Bay St At Queen St West, and University Ave At Queen St West North Side are some of the nearby bus stations.

Shopping Centers near 70 Temperance Street

If you are one of those people who love to do some shopping, the good news is there are many great shopping centers nearby. You can use Osgoode Subway Station to get to Queen Street West, where you can find the most vibrant and happy district in the city.

Not to mention that the most famous shopping mall in Toronto and Canada, Eaton Center, is just 5 minutes away from you. So, happy shopping!

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