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Top 5 Toronto Studio Apartments to Rent

Top 5 Toronto Studio Apartments to Rent

Are you looking for a small apartment to stay in Toronto? Whether you’re a student, a young professional, or a solo traveler looking for a cozy and affordable space, Toronto’s studio apartments have something to offer.

It should be noted that the availability and pricing of studio apartments in Toronto can vary based on location and other factors. You will have better options if you define your budget and choose a district in Toronto that matches it. 

Let’s forget about the price right now and check out some of the top studio apartments to rent in Toronto. 

What is a Studio Apartment?

Before introducing you to the top studio apartments in Toronto, let’s have a quick look at what a studio apartment is and how it is different from a 1-bedroom apartment. 

The studio apartment refers to a single ample space with a kitchen and a bathroom. It is basically a self-contained unit and houses everything in one room, except a bathroom. However, in some cases, the bedroom and living room might be separated by a divider or partial walls.

In summary, a studio apartment is usually a compact and economical living space suitable for individuals or small households.

Toronto studio apartments

Studio and one-bedroom apartments may seem similar, but they have some differences: 

  • Studio apartments are usually smaller than 1-bedroom apartments. 
  • The bedroom apartment has separate spaces for the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. While the studio apartment has a single large multipurpose room that serves as a bedroom, kitchen, and living room. 
  • Studio apartments are usually cheaper than 1-bedroom apartments, but this also depends on the location, amenities, and demand.

If you think a bedroom apartment is a better option for your stay, you can find 1-bedroom apartments in Toronto, too. 

Top 5 Toronto Studio Apartments

To narrow down the list, we decided to mention Toronto studio apartments in popular locations to make it easier for you to decide where to stay. 

1- CN Tower Skyview Apartment Studio in Entertainment District

This spacious studio apartment for rent in Toronto is located in the heart of the Entertainment District, close to Harbourfront. The area is home to many theaters, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, making it a hub for nightlife and entertainment. Therefore, it’s a great location for young adults who want to enjoy their time wandering around and having some fun.

Additionally, this Toronto studio rental is close to many attractions, including the CN Tower, which is the most popular landmark in Toronto. In fact, to see the CN Tower, you won’t need to leave this apartment. It’s located on the higher floors, offering a great view of the landmark from your room’s window.

The place is also just a few minutes from the tunnel to Billy Bishop Airport on the islands.

Toronto studio apartments

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This Toronto rental has all the necessary amenities you will need for your living, including a comfortable double bed, which is positioned on the side of the floor-to-ceiling window, guaranteeing a relaxing stay with an enjoyable view of the city.

You will also have a couch and TV in the sitting area. However, you should note that there is no wall or divider between the bedroom and this sitting area. 

2- High Rise Studio Apartment Downtown Toronto 

If you want to stay in the heart of Toronto, filled with skyscrapers, entertainment, shopping areas, and cultural attractions; then this downtown studio apartment can be one of your perfect options.  

Let’s take a look inside it. This cozy studio apartment has a separate living room and bedroom, with a panoramic view of the city. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a hot cup of coffee or tea while enjoying the view from your cozy balcony.

Furthermore, being on the 40th floor creates a quiet and relaxing atmosphere for residents. It is worth mentioning that this studio is spacious enough to welcome three guests.

High Rise Studio Apartment Downtown Toronto
High Rise Studio Apartment Downtown Toronto

The apartment is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as a swimming pool, which is available all year round,a spa, billiard room, and a sauna.

This may make you wonder if this condo is pricey, but with all these facilities and sleek architecture and interior design, this Toronto studio apartment is the best replacement for Trump, Sheraton, Marriott, and Hilton Hotels due to its affordable prices.

If you have found this Toronto rental interesting, check out its price and see more photos. 

3- Studio Apartment Toronto in Business District

Are you going to stay in Toronto for work? You should search for Toronto studio apartments in the Business District, where most of the city’s financial, corporate, and commercial activities take place.

Accordingly, the Tirbnb studio apartments are among the best choices you have. It is close to some of Toronto’s leading business hubs, such as the Eaton Center, which is located within a walking distance from this apartment.

Toronto studio apartments
Studio Apartment Toronto in Business District

This studio is located on the 50th floor, providing a wonderful panoramic view of the city. You can also enjoy the view and breathe the air from its small balcony. 

This classy apartment studio in Toronto has a double bed, and a sleek and high-end kitchen, with a couch on the corner of the room. Moreover, the kitchen is equipped with brand-new appliances, including a fridge, stove, and microwave.

There is a large bathroom with a shower/bathtub, clean towels, and toiletries like shampoo and body wash for your convenience. You can also use a washer, dryer, and laundry which are inside the unit. Don’t forget to keep your body in shape by going to the gym on the 2nd floor. 

4- Skyscraper Apartment Studio in Toronto City Center 

In walking distance from the Eaton Center, you will reach the door to a skyscraper where you can stay on its 51st floor. As the location indicates, by staying at this studio, you will be close to many shopping malls, restaurants, and stores in the center of the city.

Since this Toronto apartment studio is located on the 51st floor, you will have a breathtaking view of the city. The bedroom is separated from the sitting area and kitchen by a divider. Therefore, if you would like to relax in your bed, read books, or do your homework, nothing will bother you.

Studio Apartment in Toronto By Eaton Center
Studio Apartment in Toronto By Eaton Center

This studio has all the required equipment and amenities, including the kitchen appliances, large TV with Apple TV and Netflix, and the bathroom toiletries. Furthermore, the bathroom has a hot tub and a shower, so you can sooth your body after a long day in Toronto.

All the residents of this apartment can use the gym anytime during the day. 

Check out the price and availability of Skyscraper Core Biz District.

5. Studio Apartment in Toronto by Hilton

This cozy studio Apartment is located in downtown Toronto, with great access to most attractions and entertainment venues. With only a 10-minute walk, you can easily reach CN tower, the city’s landmark, Air Canada, and the lake. By entering this studio, you can see a modern decoration with high-end equipment.

The bedroom is separated from the living room and kitchen by a short wall. Therefore, if you are looking for a studio apartment with a separate bedroom, this studio will be the perfect choice.

Studio Flat in Toronto by Hilton Hotel
Studio Flat in Toronto by Hilton Hotel

Like all other Toronto studio apartments, it has a bathroom equipped with luxury toiletries, a shower, and a bathtub. Furthermore, this studio also has a washing machine, so you can easily do the laundry while you stay at this place. 

Read more about this premium apartment by Hilton to check out its price and availability. 

Conclusion on Toronto Studio Apartments

As mentioned in this article, Toronto studio apartments can be perfect options for your short stay in this city. They are located in the best areas, with easy access to attractions, shopping malls, and restaurants. Furthermore, they come with different prices so you can find great studio that matches your budget. 


1- What Are Some Popular Neighborhoods in Toronto for Renting a Studio Apartment?

Toronto is a diverse and vibrant city with many neighborhoods that offer different lifestyles, amenities, and prices for renting a studio apartment. 

However, most visitors to Toronto prefer downtown as it is the heart of the city, close to most tourist attractions, entertainment venues, and top restaurants. The business district is also a good place for business travelers. 
If you are looking for a fashionable vibe, art galleries, boutique shops, cafes, and bars, you can consider finding a studio in King West.

Additionally, most cost-effective Toronto rentals are found in The Annex area. Due to being cheap and close to the University of Toronto, and the bookstores around, Annex is usually the best area for students.

2- What Amenities Are Commonly Included in Toronto Studio Apartment Buildings?

On-site laundry facilities, personal lockers, fitness centers, and on-site maintenance services are some of the most important things included in most studio apartments for rent in Toronto.

However, you should note that these amenities can vary by building. Therefore, if you need any special equipment or appliances, ask before renting a room.

3- Are Studio Apartments in Toronto Usually Furnished or Unfurnished?

You can find both furnished and unfurnished apartments in Toronto. Choosing between them depends on your budget and preferences. However, all the Toronto studio apartments on Tirbnb are furnished with high-end furniture.

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