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Short term rentals in Toronto
Where to Find UofT off-campus housing? How much to Pay?

Where to Find UofT off-campus housing? How much to Pay?

You are looking for a place to stay for at least the winter semester, preferably for longer, but you are not sure where to start looking? You are on a tight budget and you don’t know how to find your ideal UofT housing? Or you want a room for rent in Toronto at $300 but you can find any UofT off-campus housing?

Don’t worry. Here we’ve outlined some of your best options to help you get your ideal UofT off-campus housing.

Nowadays, there are a lot of websites focused on short-term rentals. If you are a bachelor student and looking for short-term rentals, there are some choices that you should consider. 

Options to Consider When You Are Looking for UofT Housing

1. Furnished Studio Apartments

In some cases, you are on a fixed budget but you want a luxury bachelor apartment. This is where a studio apartment can be one of your best options to choose from. 

Furnished Studio Apartments UofT housing

Studios are flats with no walls to separate the area. Therefore, in a studio apartment, you have one large space which consists of a living room, a kitchen, and your bedroom. The bathroom is the only space that is separated and you have privacy there. 

For more information about the pros and cons, the prices, and the available studios near the University of Toronto read this article.

2. Rent a Room

When you have a limited budget, you have to find a room for rent in Toronto, for example at $300 per month. 

UofT off-campus housing

This article will introduce you to some of Toronto’s finest spots to find your ideal residence. All of the mentioned websites are created to help you discover the finest option. Even some of their rooms can be rented at around $300 per month.

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