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Short term rentals in Toronto
Short Term Rentals In Toronto Monthly

Short Term Rentals In Toronto Monthly

What are the short term monthly rentals in Toronto? If you have to travel to Toronto for more than a month, you can choose one of these apartments.

Furnished units are fully equipped apartments with whatever you need to stay in. These can be leased over a longer period of time, which is much economical than living for the same length in a hotel. Hotels are often noisy and crowded, while apartments that are fully furnished provide much more privacy.

Hotels or Short Term Monthly Rentals in Toronto?

In comparison to hotels, a significant advantage of furnished apartments is that they are fitted with essentials such as Wi-Fi, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen.  If you have to travel to Toronto for more than a month you can choose one of the best short term rentals in Toronto monthly and enjoy your journey more than ever.

Before finding an apartment as short term rentals in Toronto monthly, you need to know that a typical lease usually lasts 12 months, but there might be shorter leases too. Unlike a typical contract, there is no fixed end date for monthly rentals and a monthly lease is usually more flexible.

Moreover, if you have ever looked for finding short term rentals in Toronto monthly, the conditions of the contract may have been included in the listing. You will typically see a long-term lease asking you to contract for six months to a year. Nevertheless, you may see a monthly agreement in some situations. Learning what this means and what you can be on the track is critical. Also, you don’t like to end up potentially owing money or put yourself in a tough situation.

What is the monthly (month-to-month) rental agreement?

short term monthly rentals toronto

A monthly lease lasts 30 days and is extended automatically at the end of the duration unless terminated by written notice by the renter or owner. During a short-term rental, the property owner must deliver the same necessary services that they provide to fixed-term tenants (e.g. maintaining the property clean and affordable). Also, a monthly agreement has some advantages and disadvantages.


  • No fixed end date: Your contract could legally go on forever without a set end date. It operates well for either party to have the ability to end it at an appropriate time. Tenants enjoy this versatility, particularly when something is unknown in their lives. For instance, the tenant may be waiting for a response from a job in a new town.
  • Changeable rent price: You can take this opportunity to change your rent price if you want a month-to-month lease as a renewal offer.  In this case, if you give comfort and flexibility to your tenant, you can defend increasing your rent price. This is particularly significant if your tenant demands the month-to-month lease directly.


  • Flexible end date: In some cases, a flexible end date may be ideal, but usually, as an owner, this flexibility may be a negative thing, as it contributes to confusion and may result in a short-term lease. Optimally, you want a decent tenant to live for a long time and you know you’re going to get money, your building is going to be taken care of and you don’t have to do the extra job of finding tenants.
  • Hard to find a new tenant: It can be difficult to find new tenants with a period of just 30 days. To be on a time limit is putting more tension on you to find tenants, particularly as you are getting closer to a vacancy. This time pressure could limit your checking of new tenants. So rental screening is the best way to ensure that you rent on time to good tenants.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what are Short Term Rental Toronto Monthly and what is differences between a monthly rental and a standard lease. There are a lot of websites and platforms that introduce short term rentals in Toronto monthly, but one of the best websites for renting affordable and furnished apartments is This website has perfect listings in Toronto.

If you are looking for short term rentals in Toronto monthly, check our listings.

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