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Toronto Botanical Gardens: Explore Nature’s Beauty in 2024

Toronto Botanical Gardens: Explore Nature’s Beauty in 2024

For those visiting or residing in Toronto, the Toronto Botanical Gardens (TBG) is among the best destinations for nature lovers. Located in the city’s heart, TBG is known for its various themed gardens, educational courses, and interesting events that are suitable for any age group.

If you seek an exceptional retreat into nature’s beauty and away from ordinary urban life, visiting TBG can be a great choice. This guide aims to tell you about what sets TBG apart as a remarkable place, provide you with directions for reaching it, and share what visitors can expect during their visit. 

As you plan your visit to TBG, prepare to be inspired and enjoy your time among the green beauty that ranks among Toronto’s finest natural attractions.

What is Toronto Botanical Gardens?

Toronto Botanical Garden or TBG for short, is a non-profit horticultural organization and their main goal is to help people, plants, and nature come together. It was constructed in 1958 as Toronto Civic Garden Centre, but has grown bigger and better over the years. In 2003, it was redesigned to feature botanical plants only.

For the green thumbs out there, the Toronto Botanical Garden is one of the best botanical gardens in Toronto  . And for those who want to become a green thumb, you can visit TBG and see a lot of different plants and learn about gardening and nature there.

TBG is about four acres and it can be explored on foot without getting too tired. The garden features several areas with each section having its own type of plants. You might walk through a path filled   with lots of colorful flowers. Then after a couple more steps, you might find yourself in a section where butterflies are in abundance.

Toronto Botanical Gardens Path

The green life in the TBG gardens is not just local, but they also have many diverse plants from all over the world.Imagine exploring multiple global gardens while being inside four acres in Toronto. Amazing right?

Top Themed Gardens Of TBG

As mentioned, Toronto Botanical Gardens has many diverse sections and features around 20 themed gardens. Here are some of the best gardens you can check out during your visit:

1. Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk botanical gardens

A peaceful path that brings nature to the city’s edge, Woodland Walk showcases native plants like those from the Carolinian Forest. It’s a habitat for wildlife and a great garden with a mix of perennials and ornamental grasses.

2. Entry Garden Walk

Entry Garden Walk

Inspired by the New Wave Planting style, Entry Garden Walk uses perennials and grasses in waves to create a living landscape that transforms with the changing seasons. . Plants like ornamental grasses are left to self-seed, adding to its meadow-like charm.

3. Green Roof

An eco-friendly roof covered in sedums (like Sedum album) and native plants, Green Roof offers a green space that benefits the city by cooling the air and managing stormwater. It’s a living carpet that’s both beautiful and useful for the environment.

4. Pollinator Garden

A vibrant garden full of plants that feed and shelter pollinators year-round. Pollinator Garden is a haven for bees and butterflies, filled with nectar-rich flowers and plants that also offer protection during the winter.

5. Beryl Ivey Knot Garden

With its carefully shaped hedges and plants in geometric patterns, Beryl Ivey Knot Garden is a modern twist on the classic knot garden. This garden combines different types of hedges, including deciduous and evergreen, to create a visually striking design.

Even though these five gardens are the most popular, other themed gardens are decent as well. Feel free to visit any of the other gardens that you find more interesting.

Visiting Toronto Botanical Gardens Guide

Located in Edwards Gardens, TBG is open all year, but the best time to visit is in the spring or summer when everything is blooming and looks its best. However, each season has its own charm, so anytime you go, you’ll find something pretty to see.

The gardens are open 24 hours, but the opening hours for the buildings are from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. daily. It is better to go over there when the sun is up as it will give you a chance to see and enjoy the beauty of the plants in full.

The Toronto Botanical Gardens address is right at 777 Lawrence Avenue East in Toronto, Ontario. Visiting the garden can be one of the free things to do in Toronto because its entrance is free. 

However, if you are driving there, you will have to pay $4 for every hour for the parking fee. Another option of transportation is to use public transportation including the bus or the subway.

More Tips for Visiting Toronto Botanical Garden:

  • Take your time in each section to really enjoy the different plants.
  • If you can, try to visit during weekdays as it might be quieter.
  • Check out if there are any special events or workshops happening when you plan to visit.
  • If it is your first time, you can book a guided tour which is $20 for adults, and $10 for students.

Directions To Toronto Botanical Gardens

Driving Directions:

  1. Drive on Highway 401, exit at Leslie Street.
  2. Drive south on Leslie Street until you reach the stoplights at Lawrence Avenue.
  3. At Lawrence Avenue, you can either:
  • Turn right and enter Edwards Gardens through the first or second driveway on your left to find TBG, or
  • Continue straight and take the first right into the large parking area for TBG.
  1. Park at the parking for a fee of $4 per hour (free for members.)

Public Transportation:

  1. From the Yonge subway line, exit at Eglinton station and either:
  • Take the bus 51 or 54 to Lawrence Avenue, or
  • Exit at Lawrence station and take bus 162.
  1. These buses stop at the corner of Leslie Street and Lawrence Avenue, right by the Gardens.

Check The Toronto Botanical Garden Events

The Toronto Botanical Gardens offers a lot of fun events throughout the year. You will be able to admire art, understand plants, and even attend musical events. 

Whether you like nature, art or just want to spend a day out with your family, you can find interesting events there. Some events are free so visitors can still have a good time without spending money.

Some popular annual Toronto Botanical Gardens events are “Seedy Saturday” sales and “Through the Garden Gate” tour and many more that are hosted throughout the year. So make sure to check out the TGC events and admit before visiting.

How Are Toronto Botanical Gardens Educational Courses?

At the Toronto Botanical Gardens, there’s a world of learning waiting for you and your family. TBG offers many educational courses and camps with certification. Here are some of the categories of TBG camps and courses:

For Families and Kids

  • Family Programs & Events: These events include nature walks, seasonal festivals, and cool drop-in activities like board games and puzzles.
  • Nature Camps: Your children can join TBGKids program and experience exciting nature camps during summer, March Break, and PA Days. They’ll explore the garden, make nature crafts, and more. There’s even extended care available.

For Adults

  • Wellness: Stay active and mindful with programs like Winter Fit Workouts, Mindfulness, Meditation, and keeping fit in spring.
  • Gardening & Houseplants: Learn urban vegetable gardening, how to propagate your houseplants, or attend a clinic to troubleshoot indoor plant issues.
  • Floral Design: Get creative with floral design fundamentals, learn foliage manipulation, and more.
  • Ecology and Nature: Learn about urban beekeeping or start your day with dawn birding.
  • Art and Photography: Flourish your creativity by drawing butterflies, crafting paper flowers, or drawing with botanical ink!

Many of these engaging courses and workshops even offer certificates, making it a great way to learn something new and have a certification of your achievements.

Toronto Botanical Gardens Reviews

We have read the Toronto Botanical Gardens reviews on Google Maps, and gathered the main points on the visitors’ experience:

People really like the peaceful vibe and the variety of plants in the gardens. The fact that it’s free is a big hit, making it welcoming for all.

There’s a call for more signs to help guests find their way and learn about the different plants. Some visitors feel the garden is smaller and not as detailed compared to others.

Also, the café is a nice spot for snacks, although the garden itself may seem small to some.


  • Free entry makes it accessible to everyone.
  • Beautiful variety of plants for a peaceful escape.
  • Café on-site offers snacks and drinks.
  • The gardens are clean and well-kept.
  • Provides a quiet escape from city life.


  • Lack of signs makes navigation and learning about plants difficult.
  • Smaller than expected, especially the botanical section.
  • A bit far, especially if you are using public transit.
  • Focuses more on annuals than a wide range of perennials.
  • Might not be adventurous enough for some, feeling more like a large park.

Even though some people think the garden could use better signs and more types of plants, everyone loves that the Toronto Botanical Gardens is free, peaceful, and a great green spot in the city for everyone to enjoy a bit of nature.


Whether you’re looking to deepen your knowledge of plants, enjoy a peaceful day out, or participate in engaging events, TBG has something for everyone. Don’t miss the chance to connect with nature and discover more about the botanical world right during your visit to Toronto.


Can I Bring My Dog To The Toronto Botanical Gardens?

At the Toronto Botanical Gardens, keeping the space peaceful and clean for everyone is a priority. So, pets such as dogs and cats, activities like picnics, riding bikes, or playing sports aren’t allowed in the gardens. But don’t worry, there are bins around for recycling and trash to help keep the place tidy.

How Large Are The Toronto Botanical Gardens?

The Toronto Botanical Garden’s area stretches out over almost four acres. This landmark is filled with different themed gardens, each designed to teach and delight visitors. There are several more gardens such as the Wilket Creek, the Don Valley Ravine, and Edwards Gardens adjacent to TBG, making it possible to have a truly special day while visiting all of them.

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