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Top 5 Italian Restaurants Downtown Toronto

Top 5 Italian Restaurants Downtown Toronto

Original Italian chefs serve a variety of regional cuisine with their country of origin in Toronto’s finest Italian restaurants. In this article, you can read about some of the best Italian restaurants in downtown Toronto.

The best Italian restaurants in Toronto were once everywhere. Mixed dishes like spaghetti and barbecue were roasted along with fluffy and North American pizzas. To get a taste of the “home”, older Italian men gathered in nearby Italian bakeries to sprinkle on espresso and furry cappuccino. At the time, these were exotic coffee options in Toronto, but today, they’re as much a bowl of freshly made pasta everywhere.

But thanks to the influx of Italian immigrants to our shores in the 1970s, times have changed. Also, The scene of local restaurants has become a destination for top-notch Italian food that people from all over the country flock to. Today, foods originated by Italian chefs or first-generation Canadians with ancestral roots in the European pavilion select regional cuisines as diverse as the scenery from which they originate – coexisting next to Envelope and other Toronto.

Moreover, from a mushroom gnoddy that sends your chills down your spine to an eclectic wine list that you know quite well with spuntini (meaning Italian for snacks), we dare say dining in these places should be on your must list of things to do in Toronto.

Best Toronto Italian Restaurants in Downtown Toronto

Mattachioni: #1 Italian Restaurants Downtown Toronto

Location: Junction Triangle

What about this Restaurant?

A bakery, a pizza and a bodega in which Pizzaiolo David Matachioni and his friends make some of the city’s best pizzas, bread, paninis, and salads. Also, Carb haters will have a difficult time protesting homemade sourdough or the naturally leavened, blistered-to-perfection pies

Why You shoud Go There?

For the quality of everything you eat, from flavored vegetables to the most exhilarating salads that taste like a meal (canned beans with tuna and arugula are a unique choice). Also, Semi-priced bottles of Vienna semi-priced bottles on Sundays.

The price depends on the item.

Speducci Mercatto

Italian Restaurants Downtown Toronto

Location: Design District

What about this Restaurant?

It is a luxury housing and restaurant market, this hidden gem offers no-nonsense, super delicious, pasta and the best lamb eggs for miles.

Why You should Go There?

Chef Gabriel Paganelli is an award-winning chef who wins gold and silver spoon awards for his risotto. Classic pasta and pizzas are delicious here, though grilled meats and speducci are second to none. calamari fritti is also a beautiful thing to try. If you decide you need them more than you can sit down for, you can expect difficult decisions between home-made jars, hanging handmade salmon (with venison and boar) and pressed cheese fridges. And don’t forget speducci in the butcher counter.

Price is average

Ardo Restaurant: #3 Italian Restaurants Downtown Toronto

Italian Restaurants Downtown Toronto

Location: Corktown

What about this Restaurant?

It is one of the few Toronto restaurants that focus on Sicilian dishes made by chef/owner Robert Marotta, whose family comes from the island’s northeast coast. First dip in freshly baked cream cheese (made with Sicilian flour) to coat with golden Sicilian olive oil and a plate of dill, the delectable Italian cream cheese that is served with crisp celery root and wine-plums.

Why You should Go There?

Cocktails and wine lists along with a “spuntini” or snack menu are good reasons to invest in the East. Also, Try releasing a chair overlooking the kitchen. Here, you can watch magical events and chat with the chef while he or she takes you to the Mediterranean.

Price is average

Buca Osteria and Bar

Italian Restaurants Downtown Toronto

Location: King West

Why You should Go There?

Classy and modern, yet warm, the original Buca Osteria and Enoteca. Moreover, There are four checkpoints that exist in all cities. Also, embrace tradition and modernity alike, and master this skill.

What about this Restaurant?

First, for homemade salumi, displayed in glassy glass rooms, come and stay for indoor pasta, including incredible pork and spaghetti nduja dishes. Also, Chef Rob Robile, regularly recognized as one of Canada’s best chefs, Rob Gentile is traveling around the corner in Italy and learning about the regional delicacies of Italy’s finest chefs. Moreover, the unique cheese boards and award-winning desserts keep you satiated.

Prices might be a little high

Ascari Enoteca

Italian Restaurants Downtown Toronto

Location: Leslieville

Why You Should Go There?

From the name of the famous Italian car driver Alberto Ascari (a big fan of food and wine). The east side wine shop of chef John Sinopoli shines with light with his love for fresh handmade pasta. Moreover, you could simply turn the fork over for its spaghetti carbonara with bacon and Charred corn.

What about this Restaurant?

Shared dishes are fun to order when visiting with a small group of people. Savor everything while sipping your selection from a well-kept wine list that offers some gems yet to be discovered.

Also, The price is average.

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