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The Beaches Toronto: Discover 10 Fun Activities to Do

The Beaches Toronto: Discover 10 Fun Activities to Do

The Beaches is one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto. It is a unique neighborhood with 4 beaches, beautiful shorelines, festivals, fireworks, and many more great features. All these options make it a great destination to make plans around to visit and have a great time.

Now that you have decided to visit The Beaches Toronto, the only thing that remains to be done is some research about the neighborhood. You wonder what you can do in your time there. 

Can you have a long and calm walk by the beach? Or perhaps does the area have any of the famous Toronto nightlife

All these questions will be answered as you go through this article. So let’s dive into the vast pool of possibilities. 

History of The Beaches Toronto

Let’s talk history for a bit to understand the events and people that shaped this area deeply and you can experience it as it is nowadays. 

The Ashbridge family, originally from Pennsylvania, were the first settlers in this area. They settled on the east side of the river Don and were granted about 250 hectares between Lake Ontario and Danforth Avenue, which now make the Beaches Toronto. 

After all these events, in 1800 the area was famous for its market garden area. 

As we moved in time, little by little, the area was subdivided and parks and natural resources were established. During the 1920s, Toronto expanded towards the east, and “the Beach area” was converted into a residential development.”

That is how the Beaches area of Toronto was made and became one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto

Best Things to Do in The Beaches Toronto 

We have reached the point that we all were waiting for. Fun activities to do in the Beaches neighborhood. Luckily there are multiple things to do in every season in this neighborhood. From romantic sunset tours to the Jazz festival on the beach. We have collected the best for you. So let’s start. 

1. Walking through Queen Street East

Queen Steet East is one of the main streets in the Beaches area of Toronto. By strolling it down, you have the opportunity to see the local’s lives as they do their daily bidding or take their dogs for a walk. 

That’s the charm that we need in this technology era. To be with people and contact each other. This brings us to the next on our list that you also can do in Queen Street.

2. Restaurants and Outdoor Patios

Of course, we won’t forget about the restaurants. All food lovers will have an amazing time along Queen Street East as there are lots of great restaurants and outdoor Patios.

All you need to do is choose a patio, relax, breathe in the beauty of the Beaches neighborhood area, and order a fantastic brunch or lunch, as you wish.

3. The Beaches Jazz Festival

Yes, you read it right. Here in the Beach area Toronto,  we have a great Jazz festival that takes place on Queen Street annually.  about 50 bands come together to perform a street Jazz festival. 

You may be a hard fan of Jazz or just a regular enjoyer, but we promise you this: while you are drinking your Tangerini and relaxing in one of the Patios in the street, it’s impossible to not fall in love with this festival and its performances. 

The Beaches Toronto Jazz Festival occurs every year on the last weekend of July.

4. Breath in The Sunset

Toronto Beach neighborhood has one of the best and prettiest sunsets that anyone can imagine.  Picture yourself on the beach, walking, or sitting by the water, and feeling the breezing air on your skin. The sun slowly goes down, and you watch the magic happen.

If you happen to visit Toronto in winter, make sure not to miss the sunset. The contrast between the snow and the sunset makes an amazing palette that is unforgettable. The best places to experience sunset on the beach are Tommy Thompson Park, Ashbridges Bay, Silver Birch Beach, and Leuty Lifeguard Station.

5. Skateboarding at Ashbridges Bay

Ashbridges Bay skatepark is one of the biggest of its kind in Toronto.  the design and shape of the skatepark is unique in a way. 

So if you are a skateboarder and are going to The Beaches Toronto, here is a must-go in your tour plan. 

6. Visiting Local Art Galleries

If you’re an art enthusiast or even an artist, you are in luck. There are art galleries across Queen Street East that represent local artists’ works. One of these galleries is Studio 888 which was established by artist Elizabeth Russ and represents the works of the brightest artists that work in the area. Take a tour there and be inspired.

7. Parks and Recreational

Many beautiful locations around Lake Ontario are perfect for picnics, relaxation, and spending time with friends and family.

Some of these parks that come to mind first are Silver Birch Beach, Balmy Beach Park, Kew Beach, and so on.

And a comforting point is that all of these beaches are lined by the Martin Goodman Trail and the boardwalk. This means that you can walk the shoreline and enjoy the view without going in the sand.

8. Swim at Blantyre Outdoor Pool

Imagine being at the peak of heat in the summer. What is the most wonderful thing that comes to mind besides an icy ice cream?

Of course, swimming in a pool and running from the heat. This is exactly what Blantyre Outdoor Pool provides you. With a depth of 1.5 m, it’s great for families to enjoy a watery hot noon.

9. Watch Fireworks at Ashbridges Bay Park

On Victoria Day and Canada Day, Ashbridges Bay Park is the home of beautiful fireworks and people who come to enjoy the events.

All you need to do is take public transportation for your convenience, bring chairs and blankets, and finally some refreshments to enjoy the event at its fullest.

10. Attend a Concert at HISTORY Toronto

If you are in the area and are a fan of music make sure to check out the concert venue History website to see which concerts are taking place in this venue. 

With a capacity of 2500 and a modern salon, it is one of the best places to go to a concert of your favorite musician.

How to Get to The Beaches Toronto?

One of the ways to reach the beaches is to use the metro. However, it’s not as convenient as it sounds. Because the stations of the metro exist only along Danforth Ave. So you have to take another taxi or tram to reach the Beaches.

If you want to stay close to this location and look for affordable, yet luxury rentals, we can recommend you choosing one of our studio apartments in Toronto, which are mostly located in downtown Toronto, only 8 kilometers from Toronto Beaches neighborhood.

Where to Stay in The Beaches Toronto?

The rental market trends report indicates “As of January 2024, the median rent for all bedroom counts and property types in The Beaches, Toronto, ON is $3,150, which is +66% higher than the national average”. 

As you can see, the cost of living in the Beaches neighborhood is way higher than average. Of course, it is because of the positive perks that the area contains. However, if you have decided to travel and stay for a few days on the Beaches and also like to save some money, we recommend Downtown Toronto, which is in the heart of the city and close to most of Toronto’s landmarks.

Easily enough you can find short-term rental studios or apartments just by searching and as we mentioned before, Downtown Toronto is in the neighborhood of the Beaches Toronto so you have way much easier traveling there.


By now, you probably have fallen in love with the area. Besides being a wonderful place to live, the area also has wonderful stories to tell. The Beaches Toronto is a unique neighborhood with 4 beaches, beautiful shorelines, festivals, fireworks, and many more great features. In other words, It doesn’t matter what is your taste or what you love the most because you can find a hinge of everything here on the Beaches.  

So Take your time, make great memories, and Enjoy your trip. 


1. Is The Beaches Toronto a Good Place to Live?

The Beaches Toronto is one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto with lots of natural beauty, a low crime rate, and a higher income than average.

2. Why is it Called The Beaches Toronto?

The name originally comes from the fact that the neighborhood has 4 beaches in it which are Woodbine Beach to the west, Kew Beach and Scarboro Beach in the center, and Balmy Beach to the east.

3. Is The Beaches Worth a Visit?

The Beaches Toronto provides every possible option for a great trip. From great food to wonderful nature. From music and dance to a romantic walk by the beach.

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