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10 Things to Do in Yorkville Toronto: A Chic Cultural Hub

10 Things to Do in Yorkville Toronto: A Chic Cultural Hub

Located in the vibrant heart of Toronto, Yorkville is a trendy area home to art galleries, theaters, high-end stores, restaurants, and more. It’s a blend of luxury, culture, and art. If you travel to Toronto, you should take your time to explore this area. This article delves into the things to do in Yorkville Toronto. 

Wear your comfortable shoes; we will walk into the streets of Yorkville and visit its popular places. If you don’t know what to do in Yorkville Toronto, this guide is for you.

History of Yorkville Toronto

As the name indicates, Yorkville was a village that dates back to 1830. It was funded by an entrepreneur called Joseph Bloore. You can still see his name on the streets of this neighborhood. 

With the help of Botsford Jarvis, they bought lands in the York village and made this area a wonderful place to live.

It was in 1853 when Yorkville gained more popularity and became a village. As more people started living in this calm and quiet area, Yorkville could connect to the mainland of Toronto and became one of its districts. 

Although the area had many changes through all these years and is now more luxurious than before, it still has its former vibe as a village and hippie haven. That’s why most locals believe that any traveler to Toronto should visit this area during their stay. 

Yorkville Toronto- once a suburb and village- now boasts boutiques, galleries, and top restaurants that won’t disappoint.

Best Things to Do in Yorkville Toronto

From its nostalgic Victorian buildings to its pulsing contemporary art scene, Yorkville houses the essence of cosmopolitan charm combined with historical richness. Let’s see what to do in Yorkville Toronto.

1- Gardiner Museum

Undoubtedly, Yorkville is heaven for museum lovers. It houses some of the best museums in Toronto. That’s why visiting museums is one of the top things to do in Yorkville Toronto. 

Located on Queens Park Street, just a few steps away from Queens Park, Gardiner Museum is one of the rare art museums of its kind. It is a prestigious institution dedicated to the art of ceramics and clay.

yorkville toronto

Established in 1984 by philanthropists George and Helen Gardiner, the museum’s collection showcases the beauty and craftsmanship of ceramic art. It has different exhibitions showcasing ceramic artworks of ancient America and the fabulous arts of Chinese and Japanese ceramics.

Additionally, if you want to try your hands on clays, you can find fun workshops at the Gardiner Museum.

How to Get to the Gardiner Museum?

If you stay at Toronto Condos in Yorkville, you can walk to this museum. But don’t worry, if your hotel or accommodation is in another district, you can still easily get to Gardiner Museum by subway, as the Museum Metro Station is only 2 minutes away from this museum.

2- Bata Shoe Museum

Another great museum to visit in Yorkville Toronto is the Bata Shoe Museum, a fascinating place to learn more about the history of shoes. Founded by Sonja Bata in 1995, the museum’s vast collection spans over 4,500 years of shoemaking traditions, featuring social, cultural, and artistic dimensions of footwear.

Learning about the history of footwear is exciting enough to attract many visitors to this museum. As it usually welcomes more than 300 visitors per day.

yorkville toronto

The museum houses a semi-permanent show called “All About Shoes,” which can walk you through the evolution of footwear through all these years. Bata Shoes Museum is a must-visit destination for fashion enthusiasts, historians, and curious minds seeking to step into the world of shoes.

How to Get to the Bata Shoes Museum?

The museum is located on Bloor Street, on the west side of this area. It is one of the most accessible places to visit in Toronto, as there is St. George Metro Station is at its walking distance 

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3- Royal Ontario Museum

One of the most exciting things to do in Yorkville Toronto, is visiting the largest museum in Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).

Established in 1914, the museum houses art, literature, and nature from all over the world. The collection contains a selection of 13 million artworks, cultural artifacts, and natural history displayed in 40 galleries.

If it’s not appealing enough to visit ROM, you should note that dinosaurs are also waiting for you in this museum. Furthermore, the Royal Ontario Museum is more than just a museum. If you are looking for a place to enjoy Toronto nightlife in a new way, you can join parties held in the vast area of ROM. 

Check out the museum’s website to learn more about the times and dates you can join these events.

How to Get to Royal Ontario Museum?

You don’t have to worry about getting to the Royal Ontario Museum, as it’s located right in front of the Gardiner Museum so that you can visit both in one day.

4- Go Shopping!

Who doesn’t like to go shopping while on a trip? Yorkville will be your best option in Toronto if you enjoy exploring chic boutiques and shops. 

Yorkville is home to a wide variety of luxury boutiques, trendy shops, and specialty shops that cover everything from men’s and women’s styles, boots, shoes, skincare, and home decor.

From renowned international labels to exclusive local designers, Yorkville’s streets are lined with high-end boutiques, designer stores, and upscale brands, making it a mecca for fashion enthusiasts and discerning shoppers.

You can find many shops on Bloor Street and Yorkville Avenue. If you are more into searching shopping malls, you can discover Yorkville Village Shopping Complex and Bielnino Shopping Mall in this area.

5- Explore Yorkville Park

Looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? The village of Yorkville Park is one of the best places to see in Yorkville, Toronto.

It’s small greenery in the heart of the city with pretty gardens, walkways, and unique sculptures, making it a peaceful place to capture a few shots to remember your trips to Toronto.

yorkville toronto

The village of Yorkville Park is located on Cumberland Street, close to shopping streets. Therefore, you can relax in this beautiful green area after a long day’s walk for shopping. 

The park is divided into 11 sections with gardens resembling different Canadian landscapes. But this park is not all about greenery; it can surprise you with the 1 million-year-old rock that it holds within. 

How to Get to the Village of Yorkville Park?

The best thing about Yorkville is that almost all its attractions are close to each other. Therefore, you can visit all of them in one day. 

The closest Metro Station to this park is the Bay subway, which is only 2 minutes away from this place. Bloor Street and its chic boutiques are also a few blocks from Yorkville Park.  

7- Visit the Church of the Redeemer

In the middle of the shopping area of Bloor Street, you can see an old, small, gothic-style building dating back to the late 19th century. The Church of the Redeemer symbolizes spiritual solidity and community engagement, offering a welcoming and inclusive space for worship, reflection, and social justice initiatives.

Known for its stunning architecture and commitment to inclusivity, the Church of the Redeemer plays a vital role in the city’s cultural and spiritual landscape, providing a diverse community with opportunities for faith exploration, fellowship, and meaningful outreach to the broader society.

Church of the Redeemer in Yorkville toronto

Although the building seems to be old, it is still working. Visiting this church won’t take much time because it’s small enough to take you back in time and give you a positive vibe. 

Furthermore, several events are held inside and outside the church, including music festivals and social activities like offering free food and breakfast to homeless people. They are also open to new members, so you can join the community and share food whenever you like.

8- Spa at Four Seasons Hotel 

Are you tired of walking all day long? Whether staying at Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville Toronto, or renting a studio apartment in downtown Toronto, you can enjoy a massage at Four Seasons Hotel Spa.

The Spa service at this hotel is available from 8 am to 9 pm. It is essential to reserve your massage at least 90 minutes or longer before you get there.

Four Seasons Toronto Spa

This hotel offers different treatments. It is advisable to check out the Four Seasons hotel’s website and read more about different treatments and prices. Then, call the hotel for a reservation. 

How to Get to Four Seasons Hotel Yorkville Toronto? 

Four Seasons is a 5-star hotel located on Yorkville Avenue. If you want to get to this hotel from other areas, you can easily use the subway. The closest subway station to this hotel is the Bays subway, located on Bay Street, within a 3-minute walking distance of the hotel.

9- Check Out Toronto Reference Library

What else to do in Yorkville? Get ready to visit a library or take some time reading a book in a quiet and futuristic area of the Toronto Reference Library. 

Located at the end of Yorkville Avenue, visiting this library will be one of the fun things to do in Yorkville, Toronto. Reference Library in Toronto is the largest public library in Canada, renowned for its vast collection of resources, engaging programs, and architectural grandeur.

Toronto Reference Library inside building

Although the building is so modern, it belongs to 1977. There have been renovations during all these years, but nothing has changed in its main structure. 

Additionally, the library hosts an array of cultural events, workshops, and exhibitions, further improving the intellectual and creative landscape of the city. Check out the Toronto Reference Library website

How to Get to the Toronto Reference Library?

If you want to take a bus, the closest bus station to this library is Yonge St at Scollard St (Stop ID: 3242). It’s essential to know that four buses cross this station. Therefore, check out the bus number and take 97C, 320, 320A, or 320S buses. 

The easier way to get to the Toronto Reference Library is using the subway. The closest subway station to this library is the Bloor-Yong station, right in front of this building. 

10- Visit Some Galleries 

Yorkville is home to several galleries showcasing a variety of contemporary art, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and mixed media pieces. Let’s introduce you to some of them: 

  • Loch Gallery: A family-owned art gallery displaying Canadian and European arts and paintings alongside contemporary sculptures and artworks.  
  • Mira Godard Gallery: One of the oldest galleries in Canada, dating back to 1962, Mira Godard Gallery houses contemporary art by Canadian & international artists in its four-floor building. 
  • Ingram Gallery: A 4-story gallery and bookshop exhibiting classical and contemporary artworks. 
  • Canadian Fine Arts Gallery: Visit this gallery to check out historical Canadian paintings alongside modern-day artists’ works. 

Where to Stay in Yorkville?

As you can see, Yorkville is a great place to wander around, shop, or enjoy some artwork. If you like to stay in this area, there are several hotels you can choose, like the Four Seasons that we mentioned in this article. 

But if you are looking for a more affordable option, here is what we recommend:

Spacious Luxury Apartment in Downtown Yorkville

This 2-bedroom classy condo offers comforts and the most high-end shops, restaurants, museums, and attractions, all within walking distance. Also, public transportation is nearby.

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You can easily get to the subway. You will never get bored in this building. After an adventurous day, you can keep up with your daily workout in the gym, see a movie, or get in your comfortable bed. 

Bottom Line

Yorkville is an enjoyable area for living and exploring. There are many fun things to do in Yorkville Toronto, from visiting shops, walking in the park, relaxing, or seeing some arts. Furthermore, this area has several coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. So you won’t have a problem finding your favorite cuisine. 

Did you know some of the best Italian restaurants of Toronto are located in Yorkville? 

So, don’t be in rush! Take your time to enjoy this area. 


Is Yorkville Toronto considered downtown?

Yorkville is not considered exactly the downtown Toronto. It is located at the very top (north) of the downtown core.

Is Yorkville a nice area in Toronto?

Yorkville Toronto is part of The Annex neighborhood. With its luxurious look and attractions, Yorkville is considered one of the most expensive areas in Toronto for living. Although this area might seem crowded or noisy, most people find it fun to stay there while traveling to Toronto. 

Is Yorkville Toronto worth a visit?

If you are interested in art or enjoy shopping, there are lots of fun things to do in Yorkville Toronto. Most visitors have found it a great place to spend one day of their trips. 

What is Yorkville Toronto Known for?

Yorkville in Toronto is known for its upscale and trendy atmosphere, featuring high-end shopping boutiques, luxury hotels, and fine dining restaurants. Additionally, Yorkville has one of the most vibrant places to enjoy Toronto’s nightlife. It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists looking to experience a sophisticated and chic urban environment.

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