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What Is Toronto CityPASS? Explore the City on Budget in 2024

What Is Toronto CityPASS? Explore the City on Budget in 2024

Visiting Toronto is a dream for many and most will never forget the experience, but it may not be so cheap. So, we advise you to use the Toronto CityPASS ticket and visit the best attractions of Toronto on a discount.

With Toronto CityPASS, you can visit the top Toronto landmarks such as CN Tower and Royal Ontario Museum for almost half the price! Stick around as we introduce this golden ticket and see for yourself if the Toronto CityPASS discount is worth it or not.

What Is Toronto Citypass?

The Toronto CityPASS is a ticket that grants you admission to several of Toronto’s top attractions, but for a lower price. Each landmark in Toronto charges a fee; so if you want to visit all of the top attractions of the city, it is wiser to get this ticket. Also, the ticket is really easy to get and will be delivered to your mobile device.

Apart from saving you money, this Toronto tourist pass saves your time as well! By providing skip-the-line privileges and cutting the hassle of getting tickets individually, the Toronto CityPASS gives tourists a better experience visiting the city. 

With the CityPASS Toronto, you can visit the 5 of the most popular attractions in Toronto with a %42 discount. These locations include the famous CN Tower, as well as 4 other attractions by your choice. Now, we will introduce the attractions that this ticket allows you to visit.

Attractions You Can Visit With Toronto Citypass

The Toronto CityPASS grants you admission to some of the top landmarks of Toronto which must be visited within 9 days since the day of the purchase. The attractions you can visit with this ticket include:

Toronto tourist attractions you can visit with Toronto Citypass

1. CN Tower

With the Toronto CityPASS, you can begin your exploration by visiting the famous CN Tower. This building is one of the world’s tallest freestanding structures and allows you to watch Toronto nightlife from its glass-floored observation deck.

The CN Tower is mostly crowded on holidays but by having Toronto CityPASS, you don’t need to waste your time standing in lines. So, get the golden pass and surpass the mass.

With the Toronto CityPASS, you also get free admission to 4 of the 5 attractions below, by your choice:

2. Casa Loma

Next on the list is Toronto’s elegant mansion, Casa Loma. This gothic style landmark has secret passageways, conservatories, and beautifully maintained gardens for you to explore.

Located in midtown, Casa Loma provides a unique look into Toronto’s history and is perfect for history and architecture enthusiasts.  the mansion has also been a popular pick for cinema directors and movies such as X-Men and Harry Potter movies were partly filmed here.

3. Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the best museums in Toronto, if not the best. This museum bears the “Canada’s largest museum of world cultures and natural history” title, and is a must-see place for history fans.

The Royal Ontario museum features diverse collections from the age of dinosaurs and ancient artifacts of extinct civilizations, to art of modern cultures. This grand museum is suitable for people of all ages and will entertain all who visit.

4. Toronto Zoo

With over 5,000 animals and more than 450 species, the Toronto zoo is not only one of the largest zoos in the world but also is a fantastic place to learn about animals. 

The Toronto Zoo is divided into 7 geographic regions including Indo-Malaya, Africa, Americas, Tundra Trek, Australasia, Eurasia, and the Canadian Domain.

Visiting this zoo will allow visitors to observe rare animals from all over the world gathered in one place, and give them a chance to learn about the natural habitats of these creatures.

5. Ontario Science Centre

If you fancy an exciting journey through time and space, visit The Ontario Science Centre which is a must-see for visitors with high curiosity. With interactive exhibits and IMAX films, this place brings science to life.

From touching a real iceberg to watching stars in the planetarium, The Ontario Science Centre offers a different perspective of science, which is much different from the schoolbooks.

6. City Cruises Toronto

After a day of on-foot exploration, sailing on Lake Ontario while you feel the wind on your face, can be relaxing; and City Cruises Toronto offers just that!

This relaxing cruise offers stunning views of Toronto’s skyline, mixing the day’s educational experiences with the serene beauty of the city’s waterscape. It’s an ideal way to reflect on what you’ve learned and seen, ending your day on a peaceful note.

Where To Buy Toronto Citypass?

You can buy the Toronto CityPASS online or by visiting attractions as they sell it there as well. After your purchase, you can choose to receive a mobile ticket directly emailed to you or print your tickets at home. Keep in mind that both options are available for entry at each attraction.

Where To Buy Toronto Citypass

How To Use Toronto Citypass?

After buying the CityPASS Toronto  , you will receive an email which you can show at the attraction’s entry. Buying the ticket will also allow you to use the CityPASS Travel Guide to have a better experience visiting the city.

Another benefit of buying a Toronto CityPASS is the My CityPASS app.  By downloading this app, you can check the landmark’s opening hours and make reservations there with ease. My CityPASS also includes updated information about the attractions as well as helpful tips on planning your visit.


In short, the Toronto CityPASS is a ticket that is great for visitors who want to see Toronto’s top attractions. Apart from the discount, this ticket can save you time during your visits as well.

Toronto CityPASS offers a tourist travel guide and an app that allows you to make reservations and check the opening hours, helping you plan your visits. 


1. What Are The Benefits Of CityPass Toronto?

The benefits of buying the Toronto CityPASS includes saving %42 on visiting Toronto’s top 5 attractions, providing skip-the-line privileges, Toronto travel guide, and an app that allows you to make easy reservations for the landmarks.

2. How Much Does Toronto CityPass Cost?

Since the price may change over time or due to exhibitions and special dates, it’s better to check out the Toronto CityPass price on its website. In total, it guarantees a 42% discount.

3. Do I Need to Choose the Attractions Before Purchasing the CityPass?

No, you can decide which landmarks to visit after buying the ticket. However, it’s better to make reservations for some places before you go. 

4. Can I Visit the Attractions More than Once?

No, the ticket can be used for a one-time visit for each attraction.

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