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10 Best Parks in Toronto: Discover the Green Escapes in 2024

10 Best Parks in Toronto: Discover the Green Escapes in 2024

Toronto is a unique city with many attractions, such as museums, art galleries, markets, etc. One other attraction that is usually overseen is Toronto’s parks.

Imagine being exhausted from sightseeing and wandering in enormous markets. All you want is some space to relax and recharge yourself. This is exactly where Toronto Parks comes in strong. 

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best parks in Toronto. Plan to visit them separately or just make a small stop there while resting on your other plans. 

Best Parks in Toronto

Here is a list of the 10 best parks in Toronto for picnics, dog walking, or other activities. Stay with us until the end to learn about these gems in the heart of Toronto. 

1. High Park

One of the largest and most popular parks in Toronto is High Park. One-third of the park has remained in its natural form which allows it to be called a natural site, right in the middle of the city of Toronto. 

The biggest attraction of High Park is the cherry tree blossoms, which create one of the most wonderful spring scenes. If you are not in the mood for walking, you can take the Trackless Train through the park and enjoy its beauty. 

The High Park Zoo is a small family-friendly zoo with various animals, such as sheep, bison, capybara, yaks, reindeer, and colorful peacocks.

High Park also provides great locations for fishing and sports such as tennis, baseball, and football which makes it a great destination for your afternoons. 

2. Toronto Islands Park

Toronto Islands is a calm, shaded area featuring some of the best parks in Toronto, nicest beaches, expansive lawns, and exquisite gardens.

The islands are a great place for a family vacation because they are conveniently located near downtown and only require a quick trip on regularly scheduled ferries.

Setting up the BBQ and enjoying a picnic in large, open spaces with playgrounds and picnic tables is like a dream come true. 

If your kids need some fun, you should consider taking them to Centreville Amusement Park. If you are alone and want some quiet time, make sure to visit Ward’s Island Beach to relax.

3. Bluffers Park

Just in front of the Scarborough Bluffs, a famous beach in Toronto, is a beachfront park named Bluffers Park. There are numerous attractions in this park, such as hiking and biking trails, swimming, and many other water activities.

Furthermore, Bluffers Park provides a calm and relaxing space in the middle of Toronto. Picnic tables and barbecue facilities are available for your convenience.

You can also buy fast food and drinks if you are not in the mood for cooking. There are also changerooms and washrooms, which are necessary in a Beachfront park. 

These all make Bluffers Park a suitable choice for our list of best parks in Toronto. 

4. Trinity Bellwoods Park

The stunning Trinity Bellwoods Park, located in the center of Toronto’s West End, is the next stop on our tour of amazing parks in Toronto. 

You can relax with a book and sip on something cold, play volleyball with your friends, or take your beloved dog for a walk. Trinity Bellwoods has an off-leash area which makes it one of the best dog parks in Toronto. 

In addition, there are two community pools on the west side of the park in the community recreation center. These pools with a gymnasium, fitness center, and indoor walking/running track are managed and owned by the City of Toronto.

In the warmer months of the year, a farmer’s market takes place in Trinity Park which brings lots of local producers. You can visit there from May 7th to Oct. 29 and enjoy the event. 

Trinity Bellwoods Park is located between Queen West, Ossington, and Dundas West, which are home to some of the best restaurants in Toronto. 

While enjoying your walk inside the park, make sure to take some memorable pictures of CN Tower Toronto, the iconic landmark of Toronto. The park has some great locations with the view of CN Tower in its background. 

5. Sunnyside Park

The number five in our list of Best Parks in Toronto is Sunnyside Park. It contains three distinct beach sections, each shielded by an offshore seawall.

This makes it a safe beach to have fun and relax at any time of the year. You can splash around in the Budapest wading pool, go to the beach, or swim a lap or two at the Sunnyside/Gus Ryder outdoor pool.

If you’re visiting with the family, the park offers creative and entertaining playgrounds. There is a designated off-leash area for dogs near the west end of the park. So, your four-legged friends are welcome there. 

6. Riverdale Park East

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or simply want to unwind in the great outdoors, Riverdale Park East is the ideal place for you.

Numerous recreational activities are available at the park, such as a cricket pitch, a baseball diamond, and a football pitch.

It’s okay if you’re not a big sports fan! There is lots of room for wandering or having picnics. There is also a seasonal outdoor pool which brings joy and fun to the locals in summertime. 

Exploring this large park can make you hungry. You’re in luck, though, as there are many delicious dining alternatives nearby that will serve you delicious cousins. 

7. Sherbourne Common

In the heart of the Toronto Harbourfront neighborhood, Sherbourne Common is the best place to catch the waterfront view. 

Situated close to the bustling Queens Quay district, this location is perfect year-round. In summer, you can enjoy the sun on the wide open green space and get tanned, while in winter you can skate on Dockside Drive’s outdoor ice rink

8. Don Valley Brickworks

Originally built in 1889 as a quarry and brickworks, Don Valley Brickworks is now returning to its natural state. There are fifteen bicycling and walking routes, four ponds, an off-leash dog park, and restrooms in this park.

There is an environmental park called Evergreen Brickworks just south of the park. One of the best Saturday farmers markets in the city is held at this lovely establishment. 

So make sure to visit Don Valley, one of the best parks in Toronto because of the great market and the sweet and warm moments that come with it.  

9. Christie Pits Park

The famous park of Christie Pits is Located in Koreatown at the intersection of Christie Street and Bloor Street West. It is named for the well-known Christie sand pits that were there up until the early 1900s. 

Families with little children can have a great time in this park, which hosts numerous community events. Furthermore, Christie Pits Park also has a pool and playground, which is perfect for families with children. 

In addition, there are picnic areas, fire pits, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and restrooms. This is all you need from one of the best parks in Toronto, which has made its way into our list.

10. Roundhouse Park

Locating just minutes from the CN Tower Toronto, Roundhouse Park is a great place to relax and enjoy after an exciting visit to the CN Tower. 

As one of the best parks near the CN Tower, it is a great haven for engine enthusiasts. The park has a great museum dedicated to trains and their technology. Make sure to take amazing photos while in the park and enjoying your stay. 


Toronto is the home of some of the best parks in the world. In this article, we went through some of the best parks in Toronto which have lots of recreational activities and can bring you and your family a wonderful time. Make sure to visit them and use these natural spaces that are available to you in the heart of Toronto. 


1. What is The Best Park View in Toronto?

The ideal places to capture a beautiful sunset or sunrise skyline photo are Riverdale Park East and Toronto Islands Park.

2. What is The Largest Park in Toronto?

High Park with about 400 acres is the largest park in Toronto. 

3. How Many Parks Does Toronto Have?

According to Wikipedia, the city of Toronto has around 1500 parks. 

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