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Some of the Best Restaurants in Yorkville

Some of the Best Restaurants in Yorkville

Are you looking for some perfect restaurants in Yorkville, Toronto? Here we will introduce you to some of the best restaurants you could find in Yorkville. Top 3 of Yorkville restaurants are:

Café Boulud, Best Yorkville Restaurant

60 Yorkville Ave., 416-963-6000, Instagram page.


Daniel Boulud’s Four Seasons restaurant has changed chefs over the past six years and undergone a renovation — as well as a menu overhaul — and the location is better than ever. Here, cured meat, terrines and pâtés are a specialty, and a great way to start a meal is the formidable charcuterie board.

Without a doubt, this restaurant is one of the most luxurious Yorkville restaurants. The outstanding dish here is the quenelle de Brochet, an emulsified northern pike Lyon-style dish mixed with bacon, cooked in a perfect omelet and plated in a rich cognac-lobster saucepan.

Estia, Best Yorkville Restaurant

90 Avenue Rd., 416-367-4141, Instagram page.

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The elegant number of the Mediterranean replaced the steakhouse of Yorkville, NAO. Chef Ben Heaton’s menu tours throughout Italy, Spain and Greece were prepared in the kitchen’s wood-fired oven and charcoal grill with most of the dishes (home-made halloumi, broccolini with romesco, wine-and-citrus-brined octopus, whole red snapper). This Yorkville restaurant is certainly one of the bests.

Alobar Yorkville, one of the Best restaurant in Yorkville

57A-162 Cumberland St., 416-961-1222, Instagram page.

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Last but not least, This restaurant could be one of the best ones among all Yorkville restaurants. As with the original Alo and the trendy diner Aloette from Kriss, everything in Alobar Yorkville is beautifully polished to perfection: the staff (neat in blue jackets and crisp white shirts), the furniture (plush scoop seats, dark mirrors doubling the room, signature brass inlays slicing across the wooden floor) and a music mix that is jazzy without being distracting.

The kitchen wraps hamachi in transparent Iberico ham plates, brushes large lobster chunks with XO sauce, and floats thick sea scallops in a vivid bath of puréed summer corn and jalapeño.

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