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Harbourfront Centre: 10 Activities at Toronto’s Waterfront Gem

Harbourfront Centre: 10 Activities at Toronto’s Waterfront Gem

Harbourfront is one of the main neighborhoods in Toronto which is located on the south of Downtown Toronto. The biggest aspects that bring fame to this neighborhood are the nightlife and Harbourfront centre. The latter is the home of many festivals, art galleries, cultural events, and shopping. It is an all-in-one organization that has brought so many opportunities to the area since 1972.

In winter the area’s calm and quietness bring you joy while the heat and excitement of Toronto Nightlife do the job in the summer. 

In this article, we will go through the history and activities you can do while visiting and staying in Harbourfront Toronto. A modern and beautiful neighborhood in the heart of Toronto. 

Brief History of Toronto Harbourfront

The harbors of the City of Toronto have been used for shipping and industrial purposes since the town’s foundation. This means the area has been filled with life since the beginning, just in different forms.   Imagine a shoreline emerged within a cloud of smoke and the sound of ship workers and industrial factories fill the air. That is the face of the harbourfront in its beginning years. 

However, these all changed in 1972 when Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau announced the Harbourfront project. This project would nationalize the industrial lands from York Street west to Bathurst Street, south of Queen’s Quay, and convert them into a cultural and residential district for Toronto. 

Nowadays, these lands look nothing like the old says. Instead, galleries, parks, and the famous Harbourfront centre are the new landscape. 

History of Toronto Harbourfront

10 Best Things to Do in Toronto Harbourfront

Let us go through some of the fun things you can do while in the neighborhood:

1. Make Sure to Visit the Harbourfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre is a great spot to spend a day steeped in art and culture. It is situated on the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Harbourfront Toronto. You may stroll about the magnificent grounds or browse the shops and restaurants while taking in views of the water.

Several events take place every month at Harbourfront Centre. So, you won’t have to worry about a specific time of the year for your trip.

2. Visit the Power Plant Art Gallery

One of the best free things to do in Toronto while visiting Harbourfront is the power plant art gallery. It is one of the lesser-known galleries. However, new exhibits are always around the corner with new staples and splendid works. Easily worth your time and money if you decide to shop there. 

3. Visit Peacock’s Tale Mural

Canadian artist Ola Volo has created a mural at the Harbourfront Centre titled The Peacock’s Tale.

In this neighborhood, which is full of condos and office towers, it’s a playful and vibrant artwork.

While you’re exploring the Harbourfront, stop by and snap some awesome pictures!

Visit Peacock's Tale Mural

4. Enjoy Beavertails Snacks

While visiting the Toronto Harbourfront make sure to check out Beavertails, one of the iconic pastries of Toronto. Beavertails is a Canadian national food. It is a deep-fried dessert that has been stretched out. This makes it like the beaver’s tail. It is a delicious national snack. Make sure to try and enjoy it.

5. Walk the Waterfront Trail

Nothing beats a quiet and romantic walk along the boardwalk in the sunset and enjoying the breeze in your hair. Harbourfront is a peaceful and lovely neighborhood, making it safe for a leisurely walk at any time.  

Even if you are not in the mood, you can rent a bike and try the bike lanes. All is prepared for your enjoyment. 

6. Eat Sushi at Miku Restaurant

Downtown Harbourfront and the area around Harbourfront Centre are the home of some of the best Sushi restaurants in Toronto. One of these restaurants is Miku. if you decide to go for a delicious and well-prepared Suchi make sure to check Miku restaurant out. You will remember the taste of their Sushi forever.

Eat Sushi at Miku Restaurant

7. Try a Cocktail at SOCO

SOCO’s rooftop is the ideal location for your evening gatherings, whether they’re for girls’ night out or post-work cocktails!

While sipping your cocktail, you can admire the breathtaking views of the CN Tower, which is one of the most famous landmarks in Toronto and a prominent feature of the city skyline.

Just keep in mind that the food is not as famous as the drinks at the SOCO’s rooftop bar. 

8. Skate at The Natriel Park

You’re in luck if you love skating and happen to be in the Harbourfront neighborhood. The Natriel Park in winters is one of the best places to try out skating and having fun in a way that will not be forgotten. 

It is less crowded than Nathan Phillips Square for sure, and It’s a great privilege. 

9. Party at Harbourfront Centre

The nightlife of Harbourfront Centre is famous all over Toronto. Winter Saturdays include skating and DJ music at the on-site rink, while live mainstream and global music is frequently scheduled at the Enwave Theatre. 

In addition, the complex is home to Worldstage, which hosts live theatrical and dance productions all year long.

10. Explore the Islands

Toronto has lots of small and beautiful islands that can be explored. You can take a ferry and visit the islands at your own pace.   If you are willing to let yourself be more free there is even a nude beach to accomplish that. 

It is best that you start your journey early in the morning. As the day goes, the islands will become more crowded and less enjoyable. 

Costs of Living and Housing in Harbourfront Toronto

Harbourfront Neighborhood, located in the southwest part of Downtown Toronto is a lively and full of excitement neighborhood. There are lots of buses and Metro stations in the area, making it easily accessible.  The mere existence of Harbourfront Centre – home of exciting events throughout the year- makes it much more desirable for staying and visiting.

The cost of living in Harbourfront is around the average of Toronto for most parts. There are many luxury Hotels in the area which makes it easier to find a place to stay.

However, if you want a better deal and somewhere that is equal in quality but less pricey you should visit our studio apartment in Downtown Toronto


Our suggestion for a neighborhood in Toronto where you can have a great stay and many fun activities to do is for sure Harbourfront Toronto located south of Downtown Toronto. 

The House of Harbourfront Center and many more facilities can be a great visiting destination in the area. All you need to do is to stay in an affordable place and plan your visiting routine. 


Is the Harbourfront Centre Free?

Yes. The entry of the facility does not need any payment. However, to participate in events and other activities, you will be required to pay a fee.

What Does Harbourfront Centre Have?

The NightLife of the Harbourfront Centre is one of a kind in the world. In addition, many big and exciting art events take place in this area. 

What Station is Harbourfront at?

The closest station from Harbourfront is Queens Quay West Harbourfront Centre is 83 meters away and about a 2 min walk.

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