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How to Treat Your Landlord?

How to Treat Your Landlord?

Want to know how you should treat your landlord? Here are some tips that might come handy. So, stay with us and read this article.

We’ve always heard horror stories about the landlord who’s not pleasant or is lazy, or just plain unfriendly, but they’re surely not all the cases, especially on Tirbnb. In truth, most of the landlords are nice, genuine people.

Treating Landlord Tip: Be Nice!

The first and most important thing to remember is to be a better tenant. Landlords have to deal with all sorts of things every day, and if you make their day smoother, they’re going to be super grateful. Say hi to them in the corridor, thank them for all the support they’re giving you, don’t make people lodge complain about your apartment, that kind of thing. You’re going to find that if you get the good side of your landlord, they’re going to be good for you!

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When there’s a problem, be clear and articulate

Start dealing with everything like a business deal that it really is – if something needs to be fixed or repaired, don’t contact the landlord like an ex-boyfriend and whine, just tell them exactly what the problem is in the most efficient way possible – Less “I can’t believe my windows are smashed!” And more “My kitchen window doesn’t fell out like it does, could you please get someone to take a look at it?” Don’t let them work out what you want, be straightforward!


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Treating Landlord Tip: Make sure to get everything written down

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from theft or any other kind of trouble is clearly to have regular recorded communication with your landlord if anything happens. The great thing about these tech times is that you can easily keep track of it by electric mail!

It saves you from some form of wrongdoing, because any time you need anything from your landlord, you have a line of proof. Consider yourself safe to consider your business relationship working great and keep an on-going record of everything that happens between you and your landlord–you never know when you might need it!

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