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Top 5 Sports Bars in Downtown Toronto

Top 5 Sports Bars in Downtown Toronto

Want to know about the best sports bars in downtown Toronto? Then read this article in which we introduced the top five sports bars in this major city.

Toronto’s best sports bars appeal to all sorts of sports fans that we have in this area. Huddled over a pint with your eyes fixed to the television in a hushed, dark plunge or celebrating for buddies on a jumbotron-sized HDTV, these are the ways to watch for our Tigers, Raptors or Caps.

The Best Sports Bars Downtown Toronto

The Loose Moose

Loose Moose, based in downtown Front and University, claims to have the largest set of draughts in the region. Although we can’t say we’ve checked that 100% of them have an exhaustive collection. We do have a diverse menu, with everything from pork belly sliders to salads that are nutritious enough to make a vegetarian happy.


Hurricanes is a self-described Roadhouse Restaurant near Bloor and Ossington, which has one of the best back patios in the region. Drop in on Wednesdays to play the Bloor West Idol weekly spectator game.

The Dock Ellis

The Dock Ellis began this week in Dundas and Dovercourt, a area now populated by an explosion of watering holes. In the middle of a crowd of trendy joints full of specialty drinks and DJs, Andrew Kaiser and Callum Woods (The Emmet Ray) have teamed up with friend Alain Pitout to create a sports bar that caters to those who enjoy sports, but not the locations you’d usually be forced to go towards.

sports bars downtown toronto

Named after the celebrity pitcher, infamous for tossing a no-hitter while high on LSD (who also had a custom-built hat to fit the hair curlers that he loved to wear on the mound), Andrew and the organization combined the typical’ screens-behind – the-bar’ look with casual tables and a variety of gaming opportunities (such as foosball and pool tables) to the left. There’s a r on the way to the toilet.

Food is also a big concern here: Trish Gill (formerly Beast) and sub chef Mat Gulyas serve elegant snacks at the restaurant. After 10 pm, food can be taken directly from the port, eliminating the typical waiter service, as The Dock turns into a late-night watering hole more suited to the location.

Dog & Bear

The Dog & Bear pub is the new incarnation of 1100 Queen Street West, a neighborhood better known as the old site of the Party. Transformed by the team leaders behind Labor and materials and the Hoxton, the once-club-like space is now an Empire-style bar, and one that will prove very famous in an area that has seen a huge influx of apartment-dwellers over the last few years.

sports bars downtown toronto

Although there is no lack of bar and restaurant options in the city, Dog & Bear still fills the void with its sporty environment and typical pub offerings.

Real Sports Bar

Real Sports Bar is Toronto’s biggest and busiest sports bar, part of the ACC-linked business community. Gigantic arching ceilings, inset lighting, and dim walls and decor give the sports bar a lasting impression of the night, and the view of the massive screen from the floor or balcony level is magnificent.

Once upon a time, they had a gigantic menu that concentrated more on amazing hot dogs and the like, but since then they have developed into a more succinct menu that varies seasonally.

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