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Top 5 Chinatown Toronto Restaurants

Top 5 Chinatown Toronto Restaurants

It’s impossible to be in Toronto and don’t try Chinatown Toronto restaurants! If you want to try some real food, better to have a look at this part of the city!

The most popular restaurants in Chinatown have continued–against all odds–to survive in one of Toronto’s most dynamic food markets. Despite rising rent and relentless rivalry, these neon signs tend to characterize the city’s most famous hood for late-night snacks.

Best Chinatown Toronto Restaurants

Rol San

In light of what Hollywood claims, not all Chinese restaurants have underground backrooms. However, Rol San does. It’s been a quarter of a century since this low-key dim sum spot started to serve all-day har gow and deep-fried taro dumplings in its noisy, windowless dining area in the rear.

Sky Dragon

Once a Shi-shi club for the Chinese wealthy in the 1990s, this dim sum location is now famed for its stunning view of the skyline of downtown. With cart operation and a trip to the upper floor of the Dragon City Mall, you’ll always get some of the delicious flavors from days gone by.

 chinatown toronto restaurants

House of Gourmet

It’s not a true restaurant in Chinatown if it doesn’t have about 700 things on the menu, isn’t it? For ages, this Dundas place has Toronto late-night wandering up its step for inexpensive congee orders and inexpensive-as-you-can-get lunch specials, including Hong Kong type late-afternoon tea.

New Ho King

Iconic does not always mean good: case in point— New Ho King. The reality that the restaurant is open until 4 a.m. It’s a long-standing myth among party-goers who may contend that the food here is fine, to which I say, “you’re probably already wasted.”

chinatown toronto restaurants

Mother’s Dumplings

It’s been a fairly short period since Mother’s establishment–opened in 2005–but in the last decade and a half years, a cozy restaurant has become an absolute institution, establishing a reputation as a go-to place for the first time in Chinatown.

chinatown toronto restaurants

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