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Top 5 Hockey Arenas in Ontario Sports Fans Should See

Top 5 Hockey Arenas in Ontario Sports Fans Should See

Attention, hockey fans! When was the last time you caught a game at the arena? Every sports enthusiast wishes to witness the game in the stadium and watch their favorite player score. Have you ever traveled somewhere just to watch the game? Surely, you must have caught one of the NHL games in person. 

If not, you can still snatch up the chance and make your visit to some of the most popular hockey arenas in Ontario, particularly Toronto. Even if you aren’t able to catch a game, hockey arenas are great attractions for sport enthusiasts, just like Roger Centre where they can catch baseball games.  

Alternatively, what if you’re one of those fans who enjoys watching the game from their comfortable couch so they can get their favorite beverage from the fridge? Who wouldn’t want to watch the game from home with all their hockey-fan friends, or hang out at the local sports bars with the opportunity to bet on the NHL lines and share in some serious team spirit? This is a wonderful way to enjoy the game, without having to travel! 

However, while hanging out with your friends at home or a bar is great, watching hockey in the arena with hundreds of hockey fans like you is an experience you shouldn’t miss. 

Well, where to begin? There are just so many amazing hockey arenas in Ontario that you need to put on your travel list. 

1. Scotiabank Arena

Some good news for travelers! Scotiabank Arena is in every tourist’s favorite place — downtown Toronto. You can shop at the malls or try some tasty foods at the restaurants close by.

Scotia Arena Hockey

The arena has been open to people for many years and is even home to the Toronto Maple Leafs, who recently hired a new coach

Scotiabank Arena is also one of the biggest venues in Ontario. Have you been to Scotiabank Arena? If not, this is a sign to make this trip! Imagine being able to cheer for your favorite team right from the bleachers. 

2. FirstOntario Centre

Located in Hamilton city, FirstOntario Centre opened back in the ‘80s with many hockey games taking place there. While Hamilton is a bit of a drive from Toronto, you will find it to be quite pleasing. This is one venue you don’t want to miss out on as it has had many great moments.

FirstOntario Centre Hockey arenas in Ontario

And don’t forget, you will even see a new place and tick off visiting this amazing hockey arena from your bucket list. 

Furthermore, Hamilton is home to one of the most amazing waterfalls in Ontario. So, you can enjoy nature while watching hockey. 

3. GFL Memorial Gardens

Hello to all the Wayne Gretzky fans out there! We know all hockey fans would love to see this hockey legend play live. It’s quite rare for hockey enthusiasts to not know Gretzky, but if you don’t — he is a renowned hockey player who has played in the NHL for many years. 

Gretzky was part of the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) before any of the famous hockey leagues. Now, why is this interesting, you might ask?

GFL Memorial Gardens hockey arenas in Ontario

GFL Memorial Gardens was home to Sault Ste. Greyhounds — that’s right! You will get to see where Gretzky frequented and played his heart out when he was much younger. Don’t you want to check it out at least once?

4. Budweiser Gardens

Standing tall in London, Ontario, Budweiser Gardens has seen several hockey games over the years. Once again, this is a drive from Toronto, but don’t be discouraged! It’s well worth the lengthy travel. 

Like Scotiabank Arena, this magnificent venue also stands in Downtown London — you can try out the diverse food, check out some art galleries, or shop at classy stores nearby. Its prime location makes it quite a spot for tourists and sports lovers like you. This is a place not to be missed out on!

5. North Bay Memorial Gardens

North Bay Memorial Gardens is another famous venue on the list of top hockey arenas in Ontario that you should visit. Many OHL matches have been played since it opened and continue to be played today. 

You can also become a part of the invigorating crowd that cheers during a hockey match (if you are lucky enough!). You don’t want to miss out on a lively hockey game, do you?

Catch the Latest Hockey Game in Ontario!

If you are serious about being part of a huge crowd and supporting your favorite team, you might as well do some research about where you can catch the game in Ontario. There are countless hockey events happening in 2024 that you can easily watch. 

Of course, you can always watch the hockey game on your TV (multiple times, might I add?). But the live version is unbeatable. Chilling at a sports bar to watch the game and making bets can be done anytime. 

However, watching the hockey game in the arena is an entirely different experience you should aim to have at least once. 

Come on now! Start planning your trip to Ontario today so you can get the hockey experience every fan wants.

Furthermore, some of these arenas may become the scene of concerts during different festivals. Check out Toronto music festivals for more information. 

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