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10 Best Canadian OnlyFans

10 Best Canadian OnlyFans

According to OnlyFans user statistics, Canadian users account for 4.99% of the platform’s global user distribution. While this percentage may seem small, it’s significant considering Canada’s population size compared to larger countries. This can show the impact of Canadian OnlyFans on this country’s internet usage. 

As you can see, Canada is not just known for its tourist attractions or stunning landmarks in Toronto. Let’s see how popular OnlyFans is in this country and get to know some of the best Canadian OnlyFans creators, from sexy models to fitness coaches. 

Top Canadian OnlyFans Creators

Undoubtedly, OnlyFans is mostly used for adult content, which gained popularity after COVID-19. Most Canadian OnlyFans girls on the list are top models or adult content creators who are also active on other social media channels including TikTok and Instagram. 

#1 Sofia Silk – Canadian OnlyFans Traveler 

Canadian onlyfans creator Sofia Silk

We start the list with one of the top Canadian OnlyFans models with a free OnlyFans account. Sofia is originally from the Philippines and loves traveling the world. That’s why she is not always online on her OnlyFans. But she is ready to chat with her fans and discuss different subjects, whether sexting or just general talk. 

This Asian Canadian OnlyFans is also active on Instagram and Twitter. Although she can’t share much nudity on these platforms, she is hot enough to reach thousands of followers. 

#2 Asia Doll – Asian Canadian OnlyFans 

Asian Canadian Onlyfans girl Asian Doll

Another great Canadian girl OnlyFans account belongs to Asia Doll, and she is really like Barbie dolls. Even much sexier than a Barbie girl. 

As the name indicates, she is originally Asian (Vietnamese) living in Canada. However, she hasn’t mentioned in which city she lives. This OnlyFans girl is known for her big boobs, and she knows what clothes to wear to show them off on Instagram. However, for people who want to see more, her OnlyFans account subscription fee is $4 per month. 

#3 Hanna Zimmer – Gorgeous Curly Hair OnlyFans Girl

Canadian OnlyFans Model

Have you had enough of Barbies with blond straight hair? Hanna Zimmer is much different. This hot Canadian OnlyFans creator is popular due to her curly hair and curvy body. She loves hot games and roleplays. Therefore, she knows how to keep her fans on her page. However, she may not make much money from this account because her subscription is free. 

#4 Alix Lynx –  Canadian OnlyFans Naughty Girl 

Canadian OnlyFans Naughty Girl

Calls herself a fantasy, Alix Lynx is an OnlyFans creator from Canada who currently lives in New York. Alix is active on Instagram and Amazon. She also creates content for other adult sites occasionally. But her exclusive content is on her OnlyFans channel, where she shares nude photos and more hot videos. Furthermore, her subscription fee is as cheap as $3 per month. 

#5 Baddbirdie – Sexy Canadian OnlyFans Girl 

Sexy Canadian OnlyFans Girl

Undoubtedly, Baddbirdie is one of the most active social media creators, as she creates content for Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, OnlyFans, and her own website. It seems she doesn’t miss any opportunity on social media.

Additionally, she is one of the creators of the Canadian OnlyFans with the highest subscription fee, which is $35 per month. However, no one can know if this price is worth the content unless they try it once. 

#6 Queen_Z – Hot OnlyFans Model from Canada

Hot OnlyFans Model from Canada

Queen Z is hot enough that doesn’t feel cold in the freezing weather of Canada mountains. Although she hasn’t mentioned her nationality, she seems to be Korean-Canadian girl with black straight hair and pale shiny skin. These hot characteristics make this Canadian girl one of the popular Canadian OnlyFans models. 

However, Queen Z is not as active as other creators on the list. You may not see her online most of the time, which shows she is not available to talk or chat so much. However, her subscription fee is moderate, and her fans can get enough hot photos and videos of her by subscribing to her channel.

#7 Luxlo – Canadian Girl Free OnlyFans 

Canadian Girl Free OnlyFans

This native Canadian OnlyFans is one of the most generous creators on the list. Luxlo has a free OnlyFans account that publishes hot and exclusive photos and videos to her fans. However, she has another way to deal with her subscribers. 

Luxlo has an Amazon wishlist, from where her fans can buy her gifts. Then she will send them more exclusive photos in return to thank them. Furthermore, Luxlo asks her fans to give her at least $5 tip if they like her content. 

#8 Belle – OnlyFans Creator from Montreal

OnlyFans Creator from Montreal

known as Belle or Emma, this Canadian OnlyFans creator is an active verified OnlyFans content creator in Montreal. She is 26 years old and reportedly works as an optician outside her OnlyFans career. 

Belllexox describes her content as sensual, erotic, wild, and sexy. She is known for close-up shots and positions herself as an “internet girlfriend” experience for her subscribers. She claims to interact regularly with her fans through direct messages. 

#9 Lily Mae – Cosplay Canadian OnlyFans Girl 

Cosplay Canadian OnlyFans Girl

Cosplay is one of the most popular categories on OnlyFans, and Lily Mae is one of the best creators in this field. She knows how to be seductive in any custom and play a sexy role. With a subscription fee of $10 per month, Lily offers nude photos. However, the most exclusive content will be in her direct messages.  

#10 Jesse Switch –  Hot Canadian OnlyFans Creator 

Hot Canadian OnlyFans Creator

This OnlyFans creator offers great content to her fans, from exclusive nude photos to customized video for each of them. Jesse is from Edmonton, Canada. 

Jesse Switch is a successful OnlyFans creator who has gained popularity on the platform. She transitioned from working minimum wage jobs to becoming a high-earning content creator on OnlyFans.

According to reports, Jesse now earns approximately £51,000 (roughly $65,000 USD) per month through her OnlyFans content, which is a significant increase from her previous income. This financial success has allowed her to leave behind what she described as “minimum wage hell” in her previous employment.

Bottom Line 

Canada as a whole is consistently ranked as one of the top countries for OnlyFans usage globally, typically in the top 3-5 countries. This suggests that there’s a widespread presence of both creators and users across the country, not limited to specific cities. That’s why Canadian OnlyFans are getting more popular each day. 


How Does OnlyFans Usage in Canada Compare to Other Countries?

Canada’s usage is higher than that of other major English-speaking countries like Australia, which has about 224,000 monthly users. Specifically, Canada has around 280,000 OnlyFans users every month. This puts it third in terms of monthly users, behind:

  • United States: 2.5 million monthly users
  • United Kingdom: 788,000 monthly users

What Are the Top Cities in Canada for OnlyFans Creators?

As Canada’s largest city, Toronto appears to be a major hub for OnlyFans creators. It’s frequently mentioned in discussions about Canadian OnlyFans accounts, and a dedicated article highlights top creators from the city. Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver are the other cities after Toronto with many OnlyFans creators. 

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