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Top 10 Toronto Music Festivals in 2024: From Jazz to Electronic

Top 10 Toronto Music Festivals in 2024: From Jazz to Electronic

Whether you’re a die-hard festival goer or just looking to catch some new tunes, Toronto music festivals are perfect for you. From jazz beats by the beach to electric vibes on an island, the city has no shortage of fun events.

So, grab your calendar, and let’s mark the dates for some of the best music festivals Toronto has to offer.

Top 10 Toronto Music Festivals

Toronto has residents from many different cultures, so naturally, it’s got a music festival scene that is as diverse as its population. Whether you’re all about dancing to the beats or jazzing it up, the 6ix Toronto City has something for you. Here are the top ten Toronto music festivals you just can’t miss:

1. NXNE (North by Northeast)

Started in 1995, the North by Northeast (NXNE) is an important yearly music festival where you can discover emerging and upcoming artists and bands from around the world.

Similar to the well-known SXSW Festival held in Austin, Texas, the NXNE festival introduces a variety of music types with many performances across the city. This Toronto music festival has helped artists such as Post Malone and The Lumineers become famous. 

Toronto music festivals NXNE

Additionally, the festival showcases films and interactive panels besides music, providing a complete cultural experience for its attendees.

With an electric atmosphere and many pop-up events, the NXNE festival makes the streets of Toronto much more lively. Don’t miss NXNE, one of Toronto’s top music festivals, featuring over 300 artists across 20 live venues.

Date: June 12–16

Location: Various Live Music Venues, Check NXNE website.

2. Canadian Music Week

Canadian Music Week (CMW) happens every springtime and is one of the biggest music festivals in Toronto. In addition to being a festival, this event is also an industry conference with hundreds of performances in 40 different locations.

Toronto music festival canadian music week

The CMW started in 1981 and has grown to become one of Canada’s most influential media and music gatherings. In addition to music, this event covers film, comedy, and interactive media, both in person and virtually! Isn’t that fun?

Additionally, with award shows of its own, this week-long event celebrates the growth of Canada’s music. Fans can discover fresh and growing talents while enjoying fun evenings filled with beautiful tunes.

Date: June 2–8

Location: Various Locations, Check The CMW website.

3. Beaches Jazz Festival

Among the Toronto summer festivals, the Beaches Jazz Festival stands out and is truly delightful. Every July, this festival makes the beautiful neighborhood of Beaches lively with smooth jazz tunes.

During this month-long event, many artists show their musical skills on streets, parks, and stages to the almost one million jazz lovers who are attending from across the world.

The most important part of the festival is StreetFest, which is an amazing live music show that compasses 2-kilometers of Queen Street East. More performances also happen at places like Woodbine Park and Jimmie Simpson Park which are some of Toronto’s nicest green areas.

At this energetic long event, you can enjoy the food stalls’ tasty street-style dishes while hearing saxophones and trumpets playing in the background. If you love jazz, the Beaches Jazz Festival is a must-see event for you. But even if jazz isn’t your go-to music choice, this Toronto music festival can still make core memories for you and your family.

Date: July 4-28

Location: Beaches Neighbourhood


Every summer, the VELD Music Festival is held at Downsview Park. This festival mainly features electronic music and hip-hop. Starting in 2012, VELD quickly became one of the best Toronto music festivals, attracting major international artists to perform.

Spanning across three days, VELD is well-known for its complex stage arrangements and the total experience it provides, making it a music lover’s paradise to dance and have fun at.

Besides the thrilling beats and amazing light displays, festival attendees can enjoy a variety of food and drink choices, ranging from traditional foods to more exotic cuisines. These are designed to enhance the high-energy environment of the VELD festival.

Date: August 2–4

Location: Downsview Park

5. Caribana

If you find colorful atmospheres, rich Caribbean culture, and their music interesting, then Caribana Carnival is just for you.

Running since 1967, Caribana is one of North America’s largest street festivals, featuring a grand parade that is the highlight of the event. Dressed in vibrant and feathered costumes, participants of Caribana dance to calypso and reggae music. Thus, your eyes will have just as much enjoyment as your ears during this experience.

While music and dance are the main themes of Caribana, the festival also offers Caribbean culinary delights and crafts. Among the top Toronto music festivals, this one is the most fun to watch. So make sure to note the date and not miss Caribana.

The official launch of the Caribana music festival in Toronto is on June 15 at Scarborough Town Centre. For other events, check the Toronto Carnival website.

6. Toronto’s Festival of Beer

The Toronto Beer Festival is a popular summer event for music and beer lovers. This festival gives you a chance to experience listening to a great mix of live music and sample many different craft beers at the same time.

Usually held at Exhibition Place, this event is one of the most energetic music festivals in Toronto and draws large crowds each year. In addition to music and beer, this event also includes many food trucks where you can get gourmet snacks as well as full meals. 

The festival has a joyful yet laid-back atmosphere, and everyone there is relaxed, thanks to the beer. Also, the interactive games and beer learning sessions really add to the festive spirit.

All in all, Toronto’s Festival of Beer is a fun place to go with your best buds to crack a cold one… or several. And maybe you got a chance to see Ice Cube and T-Pain perform like in previous years.

Date: July 26-28

Location: Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place

7. Toronto Jazz Festival

Since 1987, the Toronto Jazz Festival has been a cornerstone of the city’s music scene. Every year, more than half a million people come to enjoy this event. You won’t regret attending this festival as many top jazz artists from around Canada and worldwide perform at different locations across Toronto.

The Toronto Jazz Festival is held at different locations from small cozy bars to big outdoor stages. There are also a variety of food trucks and vendor stalls offering everything from gourmet treats to local crafts on sale!

The festival usually lasts for ten days and features both new artists as well as jazz legends, giving a diverse mix to music enthusiasts of every age group. If you enjoy Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Soul music genres, don’t miss this Toronto music festival.

Date: June 21–30

Location: Various Locations, Check The Toronto Jazz website.

8. Luminato

Every year in June, Luminato brings a vibrant energy to Toronto with live music, theatre, dance, and visual arts performances. This event has something up its sleeve for everyone, ensuring no one gets bored.

Since its launch in 2007, Luminato has turned into a leading arts and music festival in North America. It changes parks, historical buildings, and public spaces into arts venues over its ten-day span.

Music performances range from contemporary and classical to folk and world music. This diversity in music genres beautifully reflects Toronto’s multicultural nature.

Apart from the music and interactive art installations, this festival offers unique dishes and culinary experiences from across the globe. This all makes Luminato one of the best all-around and free Toronto music festivals to attend.

Date: June 5-16

Location: Various Locations, Check The Luminato website.

9. Electric Island

For any electronic music lover out there, the Electric Island is a must-attend event and one of the most entertaining Toronto music festivals that you can experience. Held at Toronto Islands, this set of concerts and gigs provides the perfect opportunity to dance away with a remarkable view of the city skyline.

The atmosphere is very electric and everyone comes to catch some tunes of their favorite DJs. At Electric Island, you can meet some of the best DJs such as Vintage Culture, Martinez Brothers, and the one and only SOLUMON. The big names got you interested, ain’t that right?

Whether you like house, techno, deep house, or other electronic music genres, the Electronic Island will provide. Besides hearing music, at this event, you get to meet all sorts of party people. You can find like-minded friends who share the same love for electronic music with you.

So, get your Electric Island tickets before they run out, and give yourself some fun at one of the best Toronto music Festivals in summer.

Date: May 18-19

Location: Toronto Island

10. Afrofest

Titled the largest free African Toronto music festival in North America, Afrofest is a joyful event that highlights African music and culture. Launched in 1989, this festival features a variety of music styles from all over Africa.

Due to African music’s latest improvement, it is becoming more and more popular around the world. If you are among the people who enjoy Afrobeat, Afropop, Soukous, and other African music genres, then this Toronto music festival is just for you.

Each year, this event decorates Toronto with colorful traditions and lively African cultures. Besides musical shows, Afrofest also includes a marketplace where you can find African art, crafts, clothes, and tasty foods from different African countries. Thus, it offers a full cultural encounter.

Date: July 5–7

Location: Woodbine Park


Each one of Toronto music festivals brings its own flavor and style to the city, and all of them are unique and fun. Whether you want to party at Electric Island or listen to some jazz on the beaches, this city won’t let you down.

So, keep those dancing shoes and ready your ears for the next big event. You will always leave any of the music festivals in Toronto with long-lasting memories.


1. Does Toronto Have Music Festivals?

Of course, Toronto holds many music festivals. These events cover a broad variety of music genres of many cultures, drawing audiences from all over the globe.

2. What is The Biggest Toronto Music Festival?

The biggest Toronto music festival is often considered to be Canadian Music Week (CMW). At this event, you can find more than 1,000 artists performing at over 40 venues throughout the city.

3. Where is Canadian Music Week?

Canadian Music Week takes place in different locations across Toronto, turning the whole city into a stage for both new and often famous musicians during this festival week.

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