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Best Supermarkets in Toronto

Best Supermarkets in Toronto

New to Toronto and want to learn more about Supermarkets in Toronto? Then better take a look at this list to find out more!

Life in Toronto provides the chance to try flavors from around the world without having to travel a long way. If you go to some of Toronto’s culturally-based neighborhoods, you can find small groceries, butchers and fresh fruit and produce shops that belong to the specific culture or race–and the prices are usually low.

There are a few main choices for your catch-all weekly shop that can appeal to nearly all of your needs. Conveniently, Toronto retailers will now carry beer, a service that was limited to state-owned outlets until 2015.

Supermarkets in Toronto tend to be seasonal and shut during the winter months, and when you spot one nearby you’ll be able to look out when they’re open and closed for the year.

Supermarkets in Toronto: Supermarket Chains


Regarded to be more costly of major supermarkets, Loblaws the cost a little more than the others, but not astronomically expensive, and the quality of fresh food suits higher costs.

You’ll be able to locate all the supermarket stores you’d expect from a big chain, as well as an in-store butcher, a fishmonger, a bakery and a hot food bar.

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The chain of perhaps the most outlets in the area, you definitely shouldn’t be too far from the Metro anywhere you stay or work. Prices are usually very affordable and the additional advantage is that many Metro stations are open 24 hours a day.  Metro’s fresh food counter provides some fantastic food sale choices for its lunchtime shoppers–you will get an outstanding, balanced lunch for only $8.

Supermarkets in Toronto

No Frills

Unique by its bright yellow color scheme–the budget chain has the cheapest prices of all franchises, and there are significant savings in many items. It’s fresh food choices may not be deemed as good quality as competitors, but there’s a clear gap in the till. No Frills doesn’t have that many outlets as other large supermarkets.

Supermarkets in Toronto


The American chain includes just about every store. From food and clothes and kitchen appliances and furniture, everything is under the same roof and everything fairly priced.

Supermarkets in Toronto

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Close to Loblaws in price, Sobey’s outlets are typically a little smaller, but some of the bigger locations do feature fresh seafood and beef counters. Even, like Loblaws, there’s an incredible range of beers that will save you from a single ride to the LCBO or Beer Store. When you have a local job Sobey’s is a perfect place to stop in and grab your lunch to go.

Supermarkets in Toronto

Supermarkets in Toronto: Wholesale


Its wholesale store sells goods in quantity and needs an annual subscription to become a customer. It’s very helpful if you’re throwing a party, or receiving some equipment for your new home, as they significantly reduce the prices due to bulk purchases and a wide range of products.

There are many in the Greater Toronto Area, and while one of the biggest problems with Costco is that it can be very difficult to buy there without a vehicle, the company is investigating options to launch a home delivery business in Canada after it has been successfully launched in the US. Membership rates range from $60 to $120 a year.

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