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13 Best Sunset Spots Toronto: Capture Wonderful Photos in 2024

13 Best Sunset Spots Toronto: Capture Wonderful Photos in 2024

To catch the stunning sunsets of Toronto is any photographer’s dream. There are many sunset spots in Toronto that will not disappoint you. Whether you want to enjoy a nice evening, or maybe take some dreamy sunset pictures, make sure to stick with us and check these spots out.

Thanks to Lake Ontario and Toronto skylines, the sunset views of this city are unique. This has made sunset watching one of the most favored free things to do in Toronto. So, let’s check out the top sunset spots in Toronto together.

13 Best Sunset Spots Toronto

Each city has some spots and vantage points that are perfect for watching sunsets. Luckily, Toronto has many of these locations and each one of them will feel unique. Here are the 13 best sunset spots in Toronto for photographing, or just enjoying the beauty of the fading sun.

1. Riverdale Park East

Considered one of the best parks in Toronto, Riverdale Park East stands out as Toronto’s premier destination to watch the most stunning sunsets. What sets Riverdale Park East apart is its exceptional vantage point from the top of the hill beside Broadview Avenue. Furthermore, the park’s location makes it easily accessible even with public transportation.

The view? Visitors can have unobstructed views of Toronto’s skyline as the sun goes down behind them, and experience the famous Riverdale sunset.

During the golden hour, the scene at Riverdale Park Hill transforms into a picturesque landscape, making it a favorable spot for both professional and amateur photographers.

Riverdale Park is equipped with several well-placed benches facing the sunset scenes and is a lovely date idea in Toronto. Moreover, the park’s vast field allows you to bring a blanket and have a little picnic with the sunset scenes in the background.

2. Polson Pier

Polson Pier is a multi-purpose entertainment complex with facilities for swimming, beach volleyball, and more. Besides, at this place, you can always catch the best sunsets in Toronto.

Although Polson Pier is right beside Cherry Beach, there are no parking spots near it. So, getting there might not be easy, but it will be a small adventure of its own. When you finally manage to make it up there, the Polson Pier Skyline Viewpoint, along with Lake Ontario as a background, is completely worth it.

During warmer months, Polson Pier is great for picnics. However, visiting this place is still enjoyable when it’s colder as well. But no matter what season, Polson Pier offers a sunset experience that truly shows the beauty of Toronto.

3. Toronto Islands

Have you seen the sunsets in postcards? Well, Toronto Islands is the place to be if you are looking for those delightful sunset views. Picture yourself relaxing at the waterfront and observing the famous Toronto skylines slowly light up as the sun goes down.

As the day ends, the sky puts on its nightly exhibition of pink and orange shades. This magical sunset along with the chill ambiance of the island makes this place one of the best sunset spots Toronto. Leaving this place feels like stepping out of a fictional world and returning to reality.

You can enjoy this Toronto Island sunset by taking a quick ferry ride to Hanlan’s Point Beach. Other than watching sunsets, there are many activities to do there.

From having fun at the Centreville Amusement Park to the calming beaches that give you a relaxing time, Toronto Islands is an amazing trip with many possibilities.

4. Humber Bay Arch Bridge

The Humber Bay Arch Bridge is not only an architectural marvel, but also a fantastic spot for sunset lovers. Although the bridge does not face Westward, the reflection of the purple sky on the water during sunset creates a picturesque landscape. Many photographers come here to take pictures of one of the best sunsets in Toronto.

This bridge is part of the Martin Goodman Trail and is easily accessible even for bikers. Also, Humber Bay Park is not so far from the bridge and is a favored spot for an evening walk or cycle. At this park, you can enjoy the views of sunset and the bridge together, making it a great spot for picnics.

5. Tommy Thompson Park

Located in the east of Toronto and close to the beaches, Tommy Thompson Park is a nice spot if you love watching sunsets. Also, the clear blue waters and quiet atmosphere make this place a great alternative to Toronto Island.

Located five kilometers into Lake Ontario, this place provides a quick escape from the city into the tranquility of nature. As you stroll or cycle through the 10 km of paved trails, you can enjoy stunning glimpses of the city skyline. Particularly, the red floating bridge that is beautiful to watch or even take a selfie with.

Visitors who are up for a challenge can go to the Toronto Harbour Lighthouse located at the park’s tip. Apart from the unmatchable views of the skylines, this place also offers one of the best sunsets in Toronto.

6. CN Tower

If you have ever wished to see a sunset that truly leaves you speechless, then you need to experience the view from the CN Tower Toronto at sundown.

Imagine standing above Toronto and watching how the city spreads beneath your feet. This makes you feel like you are at the topmost point in the world. Anything nearby, such as Lake Ontario, will seem far away from this place. 

Furthermore, by planning your visit to be at the evening’s golden hour, you can witness the beautiful transformation of Toronto into the night.

At first, you’ll see the city in daylight followed by the orange and pink shades of the sunset. Then as the sun goes down, the city lights will magically start twinkling. From this view, it will feel like Toronto is putting up a show just for you.

The breathtaking views from the CN Tower automatically make it one of the best sunset spots Toronto. From this elevated tower amidst the sky, you can expect elevated experiences; whether watching sunsets or doing any other activity.

7. Broadview Hotel’s Rooftop

Looking for a panoramic view of the city’s skyscrapers as the sun sets? You can see one of the best sunsets at The Broadview Hotel’s rooftop, providing you an eye-catching view of the city’s skyscrapers, from CN Tower, to the serene Don Valley.

This hotel was built in 1891 but it was recently renovated, and the added rooftop patio is legendary. This place is one of the best places to watch sunset in Toronto with your drink in your hand. You can clearly see that from the pictures.

Apart from the sunset views, the Broadview Hotel is also located in a lively area, just 3 km from beaches. This makes it the perfect spot to relax after a day of sightseeing and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

8. Marilyn Bell Park

Marilyn Bell Park is a true gem in West Toronto for those in search of stunning sunset views. Named in honor of the first person to swim across Lake Ontario, this park features a picturesque boardwalk and cycling trail.

The park provides a special vantage point, where you can catch one of the most captivating sunsets that goes behind Etobicoke and beyond.

Whether you’re up for a stroll or a ride, or only want the sunset views, this place is the ideal spot for a leisurely evening.

9. Harbourfront

Situated on the shore of Lake Ontario, the Harbourfront District serves as a cultural hub, meaning it is filled with art, entertainment and lots of food. On top of that, this place becomes one of the most scenic Toronto sunset spots in the evening.

As the sun sets, the waterside reflects shades of orange and pink. Whether you like to stay at a cafe, or sit at one of the green parks, you can enjoy this magical phenomenon from anywhere along the waterfront.

Therefore, the next time you happen to be in Toronto, do spend your last hours of the day at the Harbourfront District’s waterside. At this place, you will enjoy outstanding sunset views every single time.

10. Trillium Park

Located within the vibrant Ontario Place, Trillium Park is another perfect spot to watch sunsets in Toronto. As the night takes over, this park’s sky begins to transform into a spectacular canvas and the waters below engage in a contest to show off their most beautiful colors.

With cozy fire pits and plentiful seats on large rocks, visitors have a front-row seat to nature’s evening show. Also, the convenience of hotels makes this place a favorite and a quick pick among tourists to unwind and take a break from the city.

Apart from offering gorgeous sunsets, this park is also a main community hub where people can come to ride a bike, picnic, sunbathe, and enjoy the simple things in life

Thus, to make everlasting memories of the breathtaking views in Toronto, grab your camera and a picnic blanket, and go to Trillium Park to catch glimpses of the sunset.

11. Colonel Sam Smith Park

With its amazing views of the city skyline and Lake Ontario, Colonel Sam Smith Park is a photographer’s dreamy location at golden hour. As the sun goes down, the scenic views of this park will make you feel like you are in a movie.

Mesmerizing sunsets are not all that this park offers. Being equipped with a dog park, bike and hike paths, and even an ice-skating trail in winter, makes this park a year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Colonel Sam Smith Park is 200 acres of sprawling green fields in the heart of Etobicoke District. So, there is plenty of space to relax at the picnic areas and observation decks, and enjoy the stunning scenes of one of the best sunset spots Toronto.

12. Cherry Beach

Situated in the south part of downtown, Cherry Beach Toronto is a calm getaway where you can enjoy clear waters and lovely sights of the city’s skyline.

By visiting Cherry Beach just before evening, you will realize why this place is among the best sunset spots Toronto. Head over to the west of the beach and enjoy unbeatable views of the sun going down behind the Downtown Toronto skyline.

Furthermore, if you’re up for a bit more exploring, you can take a short walk to Polson Pier and catch the second top sunset spot in Toronto.

Additionally, this beach has the biggest off-leash dog park in Toronto. So, if you own a pet and desire an enjoyable walk with your furry friend, Cherry Beach might be the perfect spot for you. Indeed, spending a day with your beloved companion on the Toronto beaches can become an everlasting memory.

13. Hotel X

Although pricey, the views from Hotel X are imaginary! Located downtown, Hotel X not only provides a splendid vantage to watch the sunset, but is also well-positioned for those wanting to stay in the heart of the city.

The luxury and comfort of this hotel are unforgettable, and so is its famous rooftop pool. Recognized as one of the best pools in Toronto, the Hotel X rooftop pool is an ideal setting for guests to enjoy the sunset with a fancy wine glass in their hands.

The combination of high-end accommodations and stunning natural surroundings makes Hotel X Toronto an outstanding place for people who want to experience Toronto’s liveliness up close.

However, the high pricing of this hotel might be a strain on your budget. If you prefer to keep more money in your pockets and still want to have a comfortable stay in Toronto, we recommend you try our cozy studio apartments in Toronto.


Toronto has an abundance of places with breathtaking sunset views. From the city heights to the calming nature and beaches, there are also many options available to suit different tastes.

These spots make the city more attractive and also provide a low-cost method for people to enjoy their evenings in peace. During the sunsets of Toronto, you can enjoy the magnificent views of the sky as it comes alive and invites you to watch this natural show.


1. What Is The Best Place To See Sunset In Toronto?

Riverdale East Park is widely regarded as the best place to see the sunset in Toronto. In the second spot, Polson Pier also offers an unmatched view of the sunset against the city skyline.

2. Where To Watch The Sunset On Toronto Island?

The best spot to catch the sunset on Toronto Island is Hanlan’s Point Beach. At this place, you can catch fantastic views of the sun as it sets over the city’s skyline.

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