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Some of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

Some of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

Are you looking for some perfect vegan restaurants in Toronto? Here we will introduce you to some of the best vegan restaurants you could find in Toronto. Top 3 of Toronto vegan restaurants are as follows:

Kupfert and Kim

Location: Various locations.

vegan restaurants toronto

Kupfert & Kim is a plant-based, quick-service vegan restaurant in Toronto. They make delicious, minimally-processed food that is awesome for humans, animals and our planet. If you are looking for some vegan salads, bowls, treats, breakfasts, smoothies and snacks in Toronto, Kupfert & Kim would be one of your best options.

Fresh products arrive every morning in their whole form and are prepped in each of their locations. We make nearly everything from scratch in-house, including sauces, pickles, curries, and patties. Every product that is not made in-house comes from manufacturers that they have thoroughly examined and trusted.

Ital Vital

Location: 14 St. Andrew St, Toronto, Ontario

Best vegan restaurants toronto

This restaurant offers the Caribbean influenced cuisine. So, if you are looking for some quick healthy lunches and a perfect vegan restaurant in Toronto, this restaurant is one of the best. The whole foods in this restaurant are so healthy and had some plants that aren’t always easy to find. One small box could feed two people. You would definitely go back if you taste it once.

GOOD Grains

Location: 4134 Dundas St W (at Scarlett Rd), Toronto, Ontario

GOOD Grains is passionate about making plant-based foods creative and healthy. As an exclusively vegan quick-serve establishment, they use grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits and a variety of spices to produce the most flavorful and nutritious dishes that are better for you, our environment, and the world we live in. Most of their freshly prepared dishes are gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free, as well as free from refined sugars, and no animal source in all of our dishes. This restaurant should certainly be considered as one of the perfect vegan restaurants in Toronto.

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