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Royal Ontario Museum: Your Visiting Guide in 2024

Royal Ontario Museum: Your Visiting Guide in 2024

Whether you’re a history buff or not, the Royal Ontario Museum is a must-visit landmark in Toronto. This museum offers an unforgettable journey through time and culture.

ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) is one of the top Toronto Landmarks. Here, you can experience quality family time while uncovering the mysteries of past creatures and eras.

Stay with us as we explore this magical place in detail.

Royal Ontario Museum: A Journey Through the Time

With its more than 13 million items and 40 galleries, the Toronto Royal Museum is internationally famous. It holds minerals, dinosaurs, and meteorites as well as historical art from various regions, such as Africa, the Near East, and East Asia.

Today, the ROM is recognized as a leading cultural organization in Canada that receives visitors from all over the world. Its commitment to education, research, and public engagement ensures that it continues to be a crucial place for learning and discovery, preserving the past while shaping the future.


The Royal Ontario Museum was established on April 16, 1914, and officially opened on March 19 of the same year. Originally known as the Museum of Natural History and Fine Arts, it was under the University of Toronto’s management and aimed to showcase the wonders of the natural world alongside artistic marvels.

Over the years, the Royal Ontario Museum has undergone several expansions, both architecturally and conceptually. In 2002, the museum underwent an expansion project known as Renaissance ROM, which was its most extensive renovation yet.

The ROM’s collections have also evolved, reflecting changing perspectives and priorities in the fields of natural history, art, and anthropology.


The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has a remarkable architectural design as it integrates both old and modern elements.

On the outside, it looks like the well-known Crystal with its modernistic touch and sharp angles, has grown out of the heart of the older building. This creates such a magnificent contrast between the elegance of the ancient and the thrill of the modern.

Royal Ontario Museum Galleries

The ROM has a wide range of collections and galleries that exhibit artefacts from ancient civilizations to modern-day art.

Additionally, with interactive displays, these galleries showcase the previous dwellers of our world; whether ancient men and their cultures or mythical beasts.

The Royal Ontario Museum galleries can be divided into two main sections:

1. Natural History

The Natural History galleries at the Royal Ontario Museum are like a trip through time, showing all the different kinds of life on our planet. This collection includes:

The Mammals Gallery

This gallery spans from the Cenozoic Era to today, with more than 400 specimens collected from North and South America. Among these are over 30 fossil skeletons of mammals that no longer exist with emphasis on Canadian and Great Lakes region species.

The Age of Dinosaurs Gallery

Here, you will find famous dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops. The gallery is mainly filled with fossils from North American dinosaurs from the Jurassic and Cretaceous times.

The Bat Cave Gallery

Enter a simulated natural environment that mirrors the secretive world of bats in the St.Clair cave in Central Jamaica. Learn about these creatures’ habitats and the amazing underground ecosystems.

The Birds’ Gallery

Explore over 100 species of birds from various locations around the world. These birds belong to all existing taxonomic orders, presenting a range of species found from the 19th to 21st century. This gallery displays the avian life and its evolutionary changes beautifully.

2. Art & Culture

In the Art & Culture galleries at the Royal Ontario Museum, you can have a glimpse of various civilizations and their artistic customs from around the world. Here is a quick look at four important galleries:

The Bronze Age Aegean Gallery

This gallery holds more than 100 exhibits, ranging from the Cycladic and Minoan to Mycenaean and Geometric periods. These artifacts cover ancient Greece as well as the Aegean islands from 3000 up until 700 BC.

The Middle East Gallery

With more than 1,000 artifacts, this gallery explores the history of the Middle East from Palaeolithic Age to AD 1900. It particularly highlights cultural wealth of the Fertile Crescent region.

Galleries of Africa: Egypt

Home to approximately 25,000 objects , including mummies and tomb artifacts, this gallery provides insight into the magnificence of ancient Egypt from 4,000 BC up until AD 400.

The Chinese Architecture Gallery

With roughly 200 artifacts, this gallery tracks China’s architectural development from 300 BC until AD 1900. It emphasizes roof tiles, statuary and objects linked to tombs.

Royal Ontario Museum Visiting Guide

Visiting the ROM Royal Ontario Museum is easy, but it is better to plan your visit to have a more pleasable time there. For example, you can avoid the frustration of not finding parking spots or the boredom of having to spend time at not-so-interesting galleries.  Don’t worry!  we will go through every detail you need to know before visiting ROM.


The Royal Ontario Museum is located in the University of Toronto district and just above Queen’s Park at 100 Queens Park Street. Its main entrance is also on Bloor Street West.

The ROM does provide parking, but you can easily find nearby parking spots . Also, the museum is fairly accessible by public transportation; just remember to head to the Museum Station. Easy right?


Price & Booking

Royal Ontario Museum ticket prices vary based on the date, so it is better to check the ROM booking website to see the prices of the day . Luckily, you can even buy your ticket on the same day of your visit, but the price might be a little bit higher.

However, by purchasing Toronto CityPASS, you can save up to 42% for visiting the ROM, as well as some other landmarks in Toronto.

Additional Tips Before Visiting The Royal Ontario Museum:

  • The Royal Ontario Museum is open everyday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (except for Mondays)
  • The museum offers free Wi-Fi, and you can take selfies and capture your memories with your phone
  • This museum offers free daily tours. Check the Gloria Chen Court
  • Prior to visiting, make sure to check if there are any special ROM exhibitions available

Top Attractions Near Royal Ontario Museum

Having a central location makes the Royal Ontario Museum close to many other attractions. It is a good idea to chain your sightseeing spree to another nearby landmark such as:

1. University of Toronto

Not far from the ROM, the University of Toronto is a famous and highly respected academic institution. It features old-style buildings and lively activities on its campus. You can walk easily around the beautiful area and enjoy the beautiful gardens of Canada’s top university.

2. Casa Loma

Feel the greatness of past times in Casa Loma, a big castle placed at the center of Toronto. Just within walking distance of ROM, you can check out the stunning architecture of this place, along with its guided tours, beautiful gardens and views over the city from high turrets that will leave you breathless.

3. CN Tower

The CN Tower is another famous and must-visit landmark in Toronto, within walking distance of  ROM. This tall and spectacular landmark provides  you with excellent views of the whole city from its observation deck. If you like adventure, you can enjoy its EdgeWalk. 


The Royal Ontario Museum, with its interesting history, varied collections and engaging exhibits, provides a fascinating experience for people of every age group.

Therefore, if you like to know about history, culture, art, or just want some enjoyable time in Toronto, make sure not to miss what ROM has  for you!


1. Why Is The Royal Ontario Museum Important?

The Royal Ontario Museum has a diverse collection of artifacts and exhibits that showcase both the natural and cultural history of humanity. 

 This place provides a significant understanding about our history, as well as current times.

2. When Was the Royal Ontario Museum Built?

Known as ROM for short, the museum was constructed in 1914. Later , it underwent several enlargements and renovations to handle the rise in collections and increase in visitors.

3. What Is The Royal Ontario Museum Known For?

The Royal Ontario Museum is famous for its wide-ranging collections of art, culture and natural history. These include ancient objects, fossils, artworks and cultural artifacts from many parts of the world.

In addition, the museum is famous for its stunning building, which beautifully blends old architecture with modern style.

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