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How to find a Furnished Skyview Condo in DownTown Toronto

How to find a Furnished Skyview Condo in DownTown Toronto

Furnished Sky-view condo in down town Toronto

Finding a Skyview condo in downtown Toronto is a stressful process for many people because it can be quite overwhelming with all the applications, leases, and extra charges. Moreover, even under smoothest conditions making changes to your living location is tough and stressful. And it gets harder when you try to find a place with the highest standards like Trump, Sheraton, Marriott & Hilton Hotels. 

However, there are some ways to find your best-fit furnished Skyview condo in downtown Toronto. Therefore, below we’ve listed some helpful tips that will be better to consider if you want to find your favorite Skyview condo in Toronto. 

Furnished Sky view condo in Toronto

Apartment Buildings or Condos? Which One Is Better For You?

The very first thing to remember is that with finding not many houses in downtown Toronto, you have two main options including apartments and condos. So, if you know the difference between these two in downtown, you will have a better view to choose your best-fit.

Apartments: These kinds of buildings are entirely owned and managed by one person or company. In downtown Toronto, apartment buildings are not as numerous as you might believe and not many new apartment buildings have been constructed in recent decades.

Condos: On the other hand, the condo complex has multiple owners who separately own distinct units. In Toronto, there are a lot of highrises condominiums, especially in downtown. So, if you want to take advantage of Toronto’s best locations, Skyview condos with the views of Lake, or City Hall, are the best condos for you. 
Some of them like tirbnb’s Skyview condos have amenities like gyms, pools, concierge services and party rooms. They are close to stadiums for soccer, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Moreover, you can find good bars, restaurants, clubs and night clubs near them.

Sky view condo Toronto

Where Can You Find Toronto rentals?

First of all, it’s better to determine how you want to look for rentals in Toronto. With the help of a real estate agent or on your own?

Real Estate Agent: To assist you to find your favorite Skyview condo in downtown Toronto, you can operate with a certified realtor. There are many empty buildings listed with real estate agents, and a good agent can help you identify excellent properties and neighborhoods. They will also help you negotiate your lease price and conditions. You don’t need to worry about the agent’s commission because the landlord pays that. 

On your own: If you don’t know a reliable real estate agent or if you think they are all swindlers, you can search for a Skyview condo on your own. Nowadays, there are many online resources to help you find your favorite condos in downtown Toronto. In this case, you should be careful to deal with online scammers. 

To prevent getting scammed, only work with well-known agencies like tirbnb and make sure to physically see the condo. Then get the confirmation that the person you are talking with is genuinely owning that condo. So, never give a deposit before all of these processes.

Be Aware of Your Rights As a Tenant

Each building has its own condominium rules that you should check before signing your contract. But as a tenant in Toronto, you have many general rights that we’ve listed three of the most important:


Landlords cannot evict you because you have a pet, but they have the right to refuse to rent to you in the first place. If you rent a condo, the condominium rules take priority over the residential property act. So, you need to check with your condominium corporation about their rules on keeping pets and if your Skyview condo doesn’t allow pets, your sweethearts may get evicted.

Tenant Insurance: It’s not forced to have tenant insurance, but if an accident occurs (even one that you have not caused), tenant insurance can protect you and cover the costs associated with the damages. 

Rent Increase Limits: For most tenants in Toronto, the rent increase is limited and can’t go up by more than the rent increase guideline for every year. This applies to the tenants living in condos as well but always there are some exceptions. You can read more about the exceptions here

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