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Top Five Steakhouse in Downtown Toronto

Top Five Steakhouse in Downtown Toronto

Looking for Steakhouse Downtown Toronto? Then read this article carefully.

Toronto’s finest steakhouses are all about the nostalgia of the good old days. Not only are these meals of prime beef dry-aged to perfection, but they’re also just where you’ll find luxurious interior decorations made of silk, leather, and low lighting. Take a strong beer and get your dream steak at these restaurants. So, let’s take a look at the best five steakhouse downtown Toronto.

Steakhouse Downtown Toronto

1- Harry’s Steakhouse

This steakhouse pays tribute to Harry Barberian and one of his first church restaurants of the same name. Run by employees who still have connexions to Barberian’s, the restaurant is located in a region previously home to The Black Angus, a steak house founded by Barberian members.

Harry’s Rib Steak ($65) presented with a soaked bone kept 28 days and then dried for three weeks a Barberian’s.

2- BlueBlood Steakhouse 

Located inside Toronto’s magnificent castle, Casa Loma, BlueBlood Steakhouse provides a luxurious dining experience in an elegant atmosphere.   

Also, a truly world-class experience, Blue Blood Steakhouse has recently been named the #1 Steakhouse in Toronto.

Moreover, one of a kind spaces provides a new and up-to-date look with a juxtaposition of classic heritage architecture, rare traditional antiques and modern art objects by Warhol, Mr. Brainwash and Salvador Dali.

3- Jacobs & Co Steakhouse

Jacobs & Co is an elegantly decorated luxury steakhouse restaurant in Toronto. In addition to the temperature-controlled wine cellar, Jacobs & Co also has a to-house drying area for their steaks. Also, a very comprehensive and in-depth wine list will complement the Jacobs & Co menu, with everything from the DRC and Bordeaux to Barolo and California. And for the very hungry, the large-scale range on the wine list has a fair number of 6L and 12L varieties.

Steakhouse Downtown Toronto

4- Harbour Sixty Steakhouse

Bucking up the trend of fine casual dining, Harbour Sixty is going for absolute opulence, the excitement of which is evident as you walk up the stone steps to the grand entrance of the renovated Harbour Commission house. Also, a baroque-inspired corridor leads to a polished marble bar. At the lower level is the wall-to-wall wine room, which contains bottles from their 36-page wine list. But don’t worry; the cooking skills are rising to the occasion with starts like the zesty shrimp cocktail.

Steakhouse Downtown Toronto

Bone-in beef steak is a treat, and a soft and luscious coconut cream pie is a must-have dessert. The luxurious high-backed armchairs and the open, curved booths are especially difficult to leave after the tab has been set up.

5- Barberian’s Steakhouse

Barberian’s Steakhouse is a steakhouse in downtown Toronto located on 7 Elm Street, next to Yonge-Dundas Square. It was established in 1959 by Harry Barberian (1930-2001) and is now the property of his wife, Arron Barberian.

Steakhouse Downtown Toronto

Moreover, the restaurant features two main dining areas, two private dining rooms, and a two-story secret wine cellar with over 20,000 bottles in 22-foot racks of vintage candlesticks and a dining table for exclusive events.

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