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11 Best Lakes In Ontario: Comprehensive Lake Traveling Guide

11 Best Lakes In Ontario: Comprehensive Lake Traveling Guide

The lakes in Ontario are so much more than just bodies of water. They are the hearts of the province as they provide the domestic, agricultural, and industrial water requirements of the cities.

Besides, every lake comes with its own special beauty that makes them great destinations for your holidays. From family-friendly beaches to secluded spots on the lake islands, here is the list of the most beautiful lakes in Ontario.

10 Best Lakes In Ontario

Ontario has about 250,000 lakes that in total contain around one-fifth of the world’s freshwater. With the abundance of these lakes, it is almost impossible to visit all of them. Thus, we have collected a list of the best lakes in Ontario that you can visit:

1. Lake Ontario

Located between Ontario and New York, Lake Ontario is one of the most significant lakes in Canada. This massive lake is a natural resource in Ontario. Therefore, it plays a vital role in the ecosystem as it contains rare species of plants and animals such as the Piping Plover. There are also many interesting facts about Lake Ontario that the locals can tell you about.

Several landmarks and lighthouses are located on the islands of this lake. This main lake in Ontario also features charming towns and beautiful beaches, making it a popular spot for swimming, boating, and fishing.

To enjoy the stunning scenery of Lake Ontario, you can even check this lake out from the Harbourfront district.

Additionally, since Lake Ontario is close to downtown, if you stay in one of our studio apartments in downtown Toronto, you can visit the lake within a few minutes walk.

2. Lake Huron

Among the Great Lakes of Ontario, you can find a real gem named Lake Huron. This lake is home to a vast array of ecosystems ranging from sandy beaches and dunes to forests and rivers. There are also many rare species that have found shelter on this lake and its lands.

Lake Huron is located between Ontario and Michigan and its shores consist of rocky crevices as well as many landmarks such as Flowerpot Island; which apart from being a popular kayaking spot, is also where the unique rock formations can be seen from the closest distance.

Underneath Lake Huron, there are over 2000 shipwrecks that divers can explore. One of these diving spots is Fathom Five at Georgian Bay, where you can scuba dive down to witness the ruins of old ships. Meanwhile, you can also see them from the glass-bottomed tour boat.

All in all, Lake Huron is one of the best lakes in Ontario for swimming, diving, and other water activities. Experienced kayakers can even rent see-through kayaks at Big Tub Harbour Resort, and explore the nearby secluded caves as well as the shipwrecks.

3. Lake Simcoe

Known for its clean waters, Lake Simcoe lies just to the north of Toronto. This lake is a favorite spot for fishing as it has a rich population of bass, perch, and lake trout. Also, the winter transforms Lake Simcoe into an ice-fishing destination.

Other than fishing, water activities such as jet skiing and surfing are so common on Lake Simcoe. Also, this lake features some beautiful beaches such as De La Salle Park Beach, as well as hiking trails, and several golf courses. As a result, this lake is a year-round holiday destination for families that love outdoor activities.

4. Lake Muskoka

The Muskoka region is often referred to as “cottage country,” and you can find out why by taking a stroll on Lake Muskoka shores. The several luxurious cottages and resorts on the islands offer a true experience of relaxation while satisfying your adventurous spirit. These cottages are so famous that even celebrities such as Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg own one on Lake Muskoka!

Besides the cottages and the amazing residential experience, Lake Muskoka offers boating, waterskiing, and paddleboarding, which are popular activities in the region.

Also, the stunning fall foliage and vibrant summer greenery of this lake make it a paradise for photographers and anyone who enjoys the raw beauty of nature.

5. Lake Rosseau

Being the second lake of Muskoka region, Lake Rosseau is almost the same as the previous one, but a bit smaller in size. For those who are curious, the cottages on this lake are also owned by celebrities such as Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel.

At the northern tip of Lake Rosseau, you can find the village of Rosseau which is full of… you guessed it, cottages! Some of these cottages date back to the late 19th century, making this village a great historical site for any enthusiast.

The Rosseau Village is one of the original Ontario summer resorts of Canada. Although the famous Pratts Point & Rousseau House is in ruins, it still serves as a landmark and a sign of the history and importance that this lake once had.

If you are not a fan of residing in cottages and ruined resorts that do not sound so appealing, you can try the Windermere House and get a taste of how Canadian royalties felt while they rested in their summer resorts.

6. Lake Erie

As one of the five Great Lakes in Ontario, Lake Erie is known for its warm waters and sandy beaches, which makes it a favorite summer destination for families.

The lake is surrounded by vineyards, parks, and wild conservation areas, leaving you with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Also, the renowned bird-watching spot, Point Pelee National Park, is located on the Lake Erie shores and is especially popular during migration seasons.

A fun fact about Lake Erie is that during early winter, you can witness lake-effect snow there. When the cold wind passes over the warm waters of the Great Lakes, the water gets vaporized and turned into snow that travels with the wind. This will result in a large amount of snowfall or even blizzards that cover the nearby lands!

7. Lake Superior

Lake Superior is the northernmost and largest lake in Ontario. This majestic lake offers some of the most visually appealing and rugged landscapes in Ontario and Its crystal-clear waters and towering cliffs are a sight to behold.

The lake’s coastline is part of the Lake Superior Provincial Park, offering hiking trails, canoe routes, and camping sites. Also, the Pukaskwa National Park, with its untouched wilderness and hiking trails along the lake’s shore, is a highlight for many visitors.

8. Lake of the Woods

Bordered by Ontario, Manitoba, and Minnesota, Lake of the Woods is a large lake with over 14,500 small islands, and It is a great place to see wildlife like birds and fish. The views of this lake in Ontario are stunning, making it perfect for taking pictures.

This lake offers lots of fun activities like fishing and boating. Also, many music festivals and events are held at Kenora, located at the northern border. This makes the lake a lively spot and a favorite destination for travelers who enjoy music festivals like Harbourfest.

Getting to Lake of the Woods is an adventure with beautiful scenery along your drive. Around the lake, you’ll find forests, streams, waterfalls, and lots of islands to explore, making It an ideal spot for anyone who loves being outdoors and wants to enjoy spending time in nature.

9. Lac Seul Lake

Lac Seul (which means “Lake Alone” in French) is a crescent-shaped lake of immense size that features open waters, remote bays, and scattered islands.

Known as a fisherman’s paradise, many fish species such as walleye, northern pike, muskie, and many more live in this lake. With over 3,000 miles of shoreline and its teal-stained watercolor, perfect for fishing walleye, Lac Seul has earned the title of “Walleye Capital of the World.”

Located in the Kenora District, the Lac Seul’s unspoiled nature is a refuge for boreal woodland caribou, which gives it a magical feel. It is not only a refuge for wildlife but also a trip back in time, reflecting the sights and sounds of the fur trading era when it was an active waterway.

10. Mazinaw Lake

A standout among the lakes of Canada, Mazinaw Lake is not just praised for its beauty, but also for being one of the deepest lakes in Ontario. This lake is also famous for Mazinaw Rock, a towering 100-meter-high cliff that stretches along the lake’s eastern side.

With over 260 Indigenous pictographs that date back centuries, Mazinaw Lake has become a significant cultural site. Along with its historical characteristic, Mazinaw Lake has become the hub of outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, and canoeing, offering a blend of adventure and serenity to the visitors in a breathtaking environment.

Beyond its depth and historical paintings, this Lake is surrounded by lush forests and contains the Bon Echo Provincial Park, making it a haven for nature lovers and campers. The clear waters and scenic surroundings provide a perfect backdrop for summer swimming and boating, while the park trails invite hikers to explore the diverse wildlife and flora.

No matter if you are a history fan, a fishing enthusiast, or just a nature lover, Mazinaw Lake is a special place that offers a rich blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

11. Nadine Lake

Although less known than Mazinaw, Nadine Lake is an extraordinary gem in the heart of Ontario’s wilderness. It is a quiet area that would suit those who desire to be away from the town’s busy and noisy atmosphere.

Being one of the quietest lakes in Ontario, Nadine Lake is the best place for canoeing and kayaking in peace. The lake surroundings are also a great place for hiking and wildlife observation. All of which provide a peaceful environment for nature lovers and families longing for the beauty of nature.

What Nadine Lake lacks in depth compared to Mazinaw is its charming environment and the opportunity to have an intimate dialogue with nature. Spreading along the lake’s shores, you can find cozy cottages and campsites where visitors can spend their time in the quiet beauty of the area.

Fishing here is a leisurely activity, but it also has the potential to catch different kinds of fish. Nadine Lake is a testament to Ontario’s beauty and splendor of natural landscapes, making it a great retreat that allows us to experience the peace and the simple joys of being in Mother Nature’s hands.


Last but not least, the lakes in Ontario are real treasures of the province; not only do they provide Ontario’s required water, but they also provide opportunities for exploration and fun water activities. Every lake has its own unique tale, and each encounter reveals a fresh page.

Therefore, get your bags, paddles, and tents ready and take a trip to the enchanting lakes in Ontario. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or an exciting adventure, these lakes are the perfect destination for you.


1. How Many Lakes Are In Ontario?

Ontario is home to 4 great lakes and approximately 250,000 lakes in total, which contain one-fifth of the world’s freshwater.

2. What Are The 4 Big Lakes Ontario?

The four great lakes of Ontario in size order are Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario.

3. Which Is The Cleanest Lake In Ontario?

Lake Huron is often considered the cleanest of the Great Lakes. Also, among all Ontario lakes, Lac Seul Lake is known for its exceptional clarity and cleanliness.

4. What Is The Best Lake For Swimming In Ontario?

Sandbanks Provincial Park on Lake Ontario is a popular spot for Swimming. Its beautiful sandy beaches and clear, shallow waters, making it a favorite among swimmers. Also, you can swim and enjoy the clean waters on any shore of Lake Huron.

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