BnBPal – Instant Noise & Smoke Alarm on Smart PhoneSafe Airbnbs without Smoky & Noisy Guests

How it Works?Get Alarms on Your Phone Instantly with Noise & Smoking Incidents

Plugin the Sensor

Plug in our easy to use sensors to the power outlet and press a button. It is as easy as plugging in your coffee maker.

Install Mobile App

Install our mobile app from Apple store or Google Play to connect to the Sensor.

Turn on Notifications

Connect to the sensor and turn on notifications. Sit back and relax let the guest flow to your rentals!



$234Billed Every 6 Months
Free Sensor – Valued $450

App: $39/Month

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$19 + $450Billed Monthly
Sensor  $450 – You pay now

App: $19/Month

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Free Sensors for Annual or 6-month Subscriptions. Get refunded anytime!

BnBPal Sensor Set-UpGet Noise & Smoke Alarms on your Phone Immediately