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The Best 5 Bars Downtown Toronto

The Best 5 Bars Downtown Toronto

Looking for bars downtown Toronto? Toronto is one of the liveliest cities in Canada. There are a lot of activities that you can do while you are staying in this city. For example, you can visit Italian Restaurants, Japanese Restaurants, or try some delicious foods in steakhouses. But for those who love the nightlife, bars and clubs are the best choices. So, here are the top 5 bars downtown Toronto.  

bars downtown Toronto

The Best 5 Bars Downtown Toronto

1- Birreria Volo: Bars Downtown Toronto

Find one of the best beer choices in town in this small Italian narrow beer bar. Their specialty is funkier brews like lambics, wild yeast beers, and sours. Birreria Volo serves drinks in wine glasses and encourages you to drink and enjoy your night.

bars downtown Toronto

2- Bar Raval

You will hear the lively crowd in this Spanish-inspired bar before you actually see them. The covered patio at the Bar Raval is often filled with customers side by side with sophisticated cocktails, leaving a free hand to choose between pickled snacks, tapas, and canned seafood (foods stored in boxes and pots). Travel to Spain without leaving Toronto. The Gaudi-inspired wooden interior of the Bar Raval is filled with rich, curved wood, inviting you to stay even more.

3- Cocktail Bar

Without any surprise, Dundas St. W.’s place is known for its exquisite cocktail service. Owner Jen Agg (popularly known as Rhum Corner and Gray Garden fame) has created a space that is attractive and well-disposed, with both drink offers and atmosphere. This bar is elegant. The cocktail bar is the perfect option for after work and a pre-dinner drink. Beer and wine are available, but you have to order a cocktail here too.

bars downtown Toronto

4- Paradise Grapevine

Located in Bloorcourt and the most fashionable neighborhood, Paradise Grapevine shares both hipster style, and the classic wine bar concept. The glass options highlight old-world wines as well as local varieties. Its covered and heated patio is open until 2 pm, thanks to Grandpa’s license, which keeps the bar entirely open at 11 am with an outdoor terrace. Simple snacks such as charcuterie and cheese make you stay even longer.

5- Mahjong Bar

Go through the neon illuminated corner shop to enter this retro bar inspired by games of Mahjong. Cheerful cocktails and blending flavors from east and west, and the kitchen serves small-sized plates such as Sichuan fried chicken. Have fun! Drinking at Mahjong feels like you are part of a fresh, hidden club. If you want to celebrate a birthday, this bar can be the right choice.

bars downtown Toronto

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Hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy theses top 5 Bars Downtown Toronto

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